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Panic by J.A. Huss
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********************CONTAINS SPOILERS************************




I may have been on the fence still at the end of Manic in regards to Ford but I don’t think anyone could manage to not be in love with him by the end of this one! I just want to smother him in my bussom!!! LAWD!

But for me even though I was very much in love with him by the end and felt so bad for him too… I was so in love with Rook and Ronin as a couple as well. And the way that Ronin laid the lovin down didn’t hurt that picture either, at all!!!! HOT!!! Also through what all we learned I truly do believe that Rook and Ford are better suited to be friends. “Jon likes the kinky stuff. And I’m not talking the fun kinky stuff. I’m not talking about cute pink cheeks from an erotic spanking, or teasing a girl so she wants to come, but can’t. Or any of that play stuff. I’m talking painful, ‘I never signed up for this, there is no word that will keep me safe, I don’t want this, it does not feel good, please, for fuck’s sake, stop’ kind of kinky stuff. Ford likes the kinky stuff too, so he hints. And Ronin thinks he likes the kinky stuff. But I’m doubting either of them have ever hog-tied a teenager and hung her up from the ceiling with a ball gag in her mouth and then proceeded to sexually torture her and called it fun.” That passage just ripped me apart. But if Ford and Rook were ever together could he really truly ever know that it was because she loved, and wanted him, or was it more that her “training” just makes her more predisposed to be with a guy like him. Also, I’m sure there are some kinky things that would probably take her back to the place. As a friend I felt like he gave her power and support and used his “powers” for good when she needed the push. So yeah. The secrets were still all over the place in this one, and as more information was revealed once again I was just jaw dropped, wtf, WHOA! <– That’s an actual feeling right??? I just loved this series and cannot wait to read more about all these characters.

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