REVIEW: Freeing Asia by E.M. Abel

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“In order to know true love, you must know deep pain”

So let’s get to the dissecting that I promised to the author… but SPOILER… with my 5 star rating there is not much… at least not anything that can take away from the story.

Its got everything: angst, tight family, snarky & really opinionated friends… and brace yourself a LOVE TRIANGLE. Now any of you who know me know I despise a love triable especially a love triangle where there is no clear BAD guy who beats & cheats on the heroine. Now which type of love triangle is it? Well I won’t spoil… but I survived (PS I guess Thoughtless has numbed me up thoroughly)

I truly fell in love with Asia because she was a great character – a whole lotta lost and whole lotta needing a direction. Like any of us at one time or another are presented with a fork road in our lives… One leading to taking a road of true self but lots of uncertainty or easy road of losing yourself to have the perfect facade.

Incidentally these 2 roads also represent the 2 men of her life… and even more unfortunately is that those men are on their own journey of FREEING THEMSELVES

“I knew he had the power to hurt me. He had the power to change me and turn me into anything he wanted em to be. And, in this moment, i was willing to be whatever he wanted.”

“If you wanna be free, Asia, all you have to be is see yourself through my eyes.”

“He was my everything – my past, my future, my home. He was mine.”


***ALTHOUGH THIS IS A SERIES in a way it is a stand-alone… the story continues with Asia’s brother Shaun

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