Review: Lead by Kylie Scott

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Lead by Kylie Scott

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I just want to start from the beginning again. This was fucking EPIC!!! Not that the other Stage Dive books didn’t have their fair share of the angst and the drama and the heavy stuff… They did. This was just on an entirely other level. I don’t even know where to start or how to properly do this justice.

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Let’s start with Lena. Lena is beyond a strong woman. She was basically thrown into a situation that was a losing one from the get. She didn’t feel prepared or qualified and she didn’t let that stop her. She did some research and then she did what she had to do. Sure there were plenty of times where she felt like she was going to sink but it didn’t matter she gave it her all anyway. She was fierce! Jimmy was not an easy guy to be around. Not only did she accept him for who he was but she helped him to grow and allowed him to assist her in doing so as well. She had a really cruddy love life and Lena deserved some happiness. I think she most definitely learned that everything happens for a reason. If she hadn’t been dealt the blows that she had been… if she wasn’t so smart, quick witted, and sassy, Jimmy would have eaten her a live, day 1, and not in a good way.

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Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy… as anyone who knows me and my reading life knows, I am head over heels in love with Ben. That being said… God I love Jimmy! He was so complicated and layered. He had been hurt badly early on and life and started bad habits to cope with that hurt early on as well. A boy who had to put up concrete walls, defend himself and his brother, and somehow manage to still grow up and live is going to become one hell of an issue and baggage laden man. But Jimmy has heart and even when it seems like there really is nothing that the arrogant selfish man-child cares about but himself, he is loyal and he does hold his family in high regard. He was an asshole, he was mean, and yet he was also broken and fragile and I wanted to just love him to pieces.

Kylie’s writing was wonderful as always. But as stated I just cannot put into words how deeply complex and wonderful this story was. I loved every moment of it and I highly recommend it. Amazing Read!

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