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Beautiful Oblivion by Jamie McGuire


Beautiful Oblivion (Beautiful, #3) by Jamie McGuire

My rating: 1 of 5 stars



Update: July 8, 2013 (announcement of the book)


Update: July 29, 2014

What in all honesty just happened????

… in an alternate universe.

I don’t even know how to begin with this one as I am UTTERLY heart broken mostly because I own both ebook & hardcover paperback version of this and all I want to do is just wedge it under the coffee table so it doesn’t wobble.

Don’t get me wrong… I DON’T WANT to give it a 1 star… I don’t want to be annoyed by this… I don’t want to be offended by this… But here we are a year later after my initial shock and surprise of getting more of Maddox brothers… we get THIS.

It is a great story… if you remove the potholes… and I’m sorry you 3/4/5 stars givers – you are deluding yourself into thinking there aren’t HUGE potholes in the story. Most of events and incidences don’t make any sense. You can justify it that it’s a YA/NA book and it’s the story about self discovery and growth… UMMMM NO! it is not.  I loved Beautiful Disaster from messed up Trav to naive Pidge AND at least they stayed stable their characters. They were well formed along with support cast that just MADE SENSE.

I do not want to go any further into spoiling details for those that still want to take this journey (if you want to PM me and I can vent and maybe you can talk me off the ledge).

There are certain events that happen in this book that make absolutely no sense and even though this one has a great twist to the story line… there is absolutely nothing that corroborates the twist… If being vague and again full of story potholes corroborating the twist… ummm sure it supported it.

I’m sorry… but not for me and perhaps I will rethink this rating further… but I can not give it more even if it means I burn some bridges. S’il la vie.

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