CHARACTER Q&A: NERO by Sarah Brianne

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Nero and Elle are sitting on the black leather sofa in their brand new hotel apartment… 

 couch cuddle

~Thanks so much for hanging out with me today!  Loved your story…and I gotta ask… Nero, had you noticed Elle before all the “Drama” went down? 

“I did. I noticed her the first day of school our freshman year, but I thought she was a good girl.” Nero smiled wide.


~What were your first impressions of each other, when really meeting for the first time? 

Nero spoke first, “Well she was sexy as fuck up close, for some reason I wasn’t expecting that. Then when she apologized to me for running into her, I wanted to throw her over my shoulder.”

Elle laughed “Well you did end up doing that…” She continued, “Honestly at first he scared the hell out of me.”


~What are three things you Like and Dislike about each other?  

Elle started, “I dis-“

“I love everything about Elle, so there is nothing to like or dislike about her.” Nero said matter of factly.

Elle blinked her eyes a few times, “I feel the same way.”


~Nero, were you aware of how your classmates were treating Elle, or seeing it first hand was really the first time you noticed how bad things were for her? 

Nero flexed his jaw, “I thought it was just the fucking girls picking on her by doing stupid shit like calling her ‘waitress’, I didn-“

Elle laced her hand in Nero’s, “It doesn’t matter.”


~Let’s just say that the way you two came together is a bit unconventional…ya know…when you start dating a girl your father has a hit on…Nero, or Elle, when did you know it was “Real”?  Do you remember the moment you looked at the other person and just thought…”This is it.”? 

Nero quickly responded, “Seeing her limp in the alleyway really made it clear to me…”

“Well when I saw Stacy get in Nero’s car that day that made it pretty clear to me.” Elle retorted.


~When the story ends, there is still a bit of tension between you both, and each other’s families.  How are things now?  Everyone spending the holiday’s together as One Big Happy Family? 

Nero shrugged, “Well in an Italian family like mine, there is always fucking tension.”

Elle violently shook her head.


~So you two are living together, and Elle is starting college soon, do we hear wedding bells in the near future? 

“Nope, we both agree there is no rush. This isn’t sixteen and pregnant.” Elle smiled.


~Do you know who is getting the next story??  Any hints from any certain besties or family members….. 

Elle cocked her head to the side, “Besties?”

Nero leaned forward, “Family members?”

They both looked at each other. Elle crossed her arms, “If you’re trying to figure out who Chloe will be with your shit out of luck, because no way in hell Chloe is-”

“We don’t know.” Nero stated.


~Thank you so much for chatting with me today!!


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