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Ricardo by Marita A. Hansen My Rating 5 of 5 Stars

Ricardo (The Santini Brothers, #1) by Marita A. Hansen

I won an ARC (thank you Vika, Kris, and Marita) for this book and let me just say, I was so giddy to have won an ARC for this book! This is the first book in Ms. Hansen’s spin off series, and wow what a way to get the ball rolling girl!!


This is the story of Ricardo (mmmm) the eldest brother of the Santini Family. He is a very moody bastardo 95% of the time, and his mood swings are enough to give you whiplash! You never know if you are coming (snickers) or going with him. He took an experimental drug 8 years ago in order to control his volatile temper, however the drug only made things worst and caused him to lose 90% feeling in his body. Fast forward 8 years later and he is still trying different drugs to manage his anger. Even with 90% feeling gone he still maintains two of his senses, taste and smell. A good thing too, because could you imagine not being able to smell the wonderfully strong aroma of  coffee, or taste  the creamy sweetness of tiramisu as it  melts on your tongue, along with no being able to feel your naughty bits or the sensation of sex?!? Kill me now, please and thank you!







Anywho, I digress. The Santini families are a complex web of emotions, sadness, deviousness, and lies. Throw in some laughs, warm hugs, and its’ your annual Thanksgiving Day dinner. However, what’s annual in our lives is daily chaos in the Santini household. This story had it all, love, sex, power, lies, and bitch of a mother, oh and some rock and roll for some extra flare. The last 10% of the book I was holding my breath, shouting for them to “get down! Hide!!” there may of even been a ” oh you stupid little girl” thrown in there, I dunno, it’s all a blur of ugly faced crying. I can’t wait to see what the rest of this series brings.  Moral of this review? Make a pot of coffee, grab a slice of tiramisu, and get your little nubs on this book! Ohhh Ricardo….your bathwater is ready.

My Ricardo


My Bianca



Ricardo (The Santini Brothers, #1)


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