ARC Review: For The Thrill by Nora Flite

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~*Coming November 8th, 2014*~


Well since Nora was so freaking awesome enough to send me an ARC of Book 2 so that I did not have to stew in my OOOOMMMMGGGGGness I want it now… I thought it would be a good idea to get my review written for book 1.

For the Thrill is a very good introduction to the Beyond Blood series. Don’t expect to get all of the answers or deep into the heat of things quite yet. Also do not get me wrong the sexual tension between these three people is palpable and there are several smoking hot scenes. When an author can make a kiss make you sweat you know the sex is going to be FIRE!!!

Marina is an orphan and alone in the world with only one thing that fuels her in life… revenge!

Jacob and Kite are hitmen… well, retired now… and when their world collides with Marina’s mission of revenge, they are all thrown into a passionate maze of secrets, lies, violence, and danger.

I really cannot say anymore as this is a quick read, and you are given a great deal of information in that time. November 8th don’t walk, RUN, and pick this one up. You already know that book 2 is ready so there will not be a long wait in this series for those who hate that. This one does not end on a cliffhanger but it does leave you anticipating what you know is about to come next!!!

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Quote Love:
“A long sleeved grey button-down came next, the bright sapphire of my tie accenting my eyes. The shoes were always the same; mirror polished and unscuffed.”

“Giving in to my basest of urges was too risky. I’d told her, leaving evidence was a mistake. Fucking her and digging my teeth into her shoulder, my cock feeding between her lovely thighs, it would be a map that pointed back to me.”

“I’m going to make sure he understands my message.” She was challenging us with her glare. Marina had shifted back from wilting flower to raging storm.”

“The concept of someone else cleaning my gun was… almost sordid… As for me? Watching her lube the barrel, gliding her fist all over the shaft… come on. The visual was practically pornographic. I could see the crevice between her breasts with the way she leaned, her lower lip tucked in her teeth.”

“Now I grab your thick fucking hair and see how my aim is when I shove my ridiculous hard-on between your thighs.”

“Yanking the last of my clothing down, I fisted the base of my shaft. It arched into the air, veins like serpents on a sugar high.”

“Hunching low, I pulled her to me and captured her lips. I wasn’t gentle, the kiss was meant to show her my point. Ghosts don’t feel, ghosts don’t whimper, and ghosts don’t fucking bleed.”

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