ARC Review: Hush (Book 4 in the Senses Series) by Xavier Neal

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This is the book I was waiting for in this series. We finally get to see Maxx and Logan together without so much outside interference. We get to see them as a couple and they have other struggles and worries to navigate other than trying to decide if they should be with each other.

I really enjoyed the addition of another character in this one, and I think others will too. The character isn’t entirely new just the focus is more so on them and I liked how it played.

I’m not going to say much of anything as my reviews I do try to keep spoiler free. Just that this is turning out to be one of those series that you cannot wait to pick up the next book and see what happens next. It has familiar elements to it without being too “been there read that”, which I really appreciate. If you are thinking about reading this one please do!!!!

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