ARC Review: One Love by Lili St. Germain

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Well, I made it through… I read the entire series & it’s done now… yep… OVER…

I don’t really know what to do now. I spent so much time waiting for the next book, and the next, and the next, now it’s done and it was crazy, ugly, violent, and delicious… but it’s over… I just feel like…

Well we start in one hell of a pickle in the beginning of this one and off the cuff you see that Juliette is not fucking around. She is brazen and confident and though she is also broken and twisted now she has the life experience to back up the badass she needed to be to survive.

Jase and Julez remind me of Bonnie and Clyde they are going to ride together and die together and the possibility of death is around the corner for everyone. No one is safe in this book!!!

Not only do we experience full fledged kickass Julez but we see a side of Dornan that I never suspected was there. Sure maybe in the past… but I figured any type of heart had dried up rotted and oozed out of him many years ago. And even Jase is branching out and showing us a side of him that we’ve yet to see.

So much happened, it was so twisted, and good, and I cannot say another word for fear that I will spoil something. So get this!!! Read it now!!!! And if you haven’t started the series yet you have no reason not to start now it is complete!!!!

Quote Love:
“I will kill this woman. I will fuck her to death with this knife…”

“I wanted to be that person for you,” “The wife. The mother of your kids. Not… this.”

“Yeah,” he says finally. “I am.”

“I loved you once,” I say softly… I would have done anything for you.”

“Ditto, baby girl.”





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