REVIEW: Beautiful Burn By Adriane Leigh

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***CAUTION: Spoilerish review ahead***

♥♥♥ 2.5 STARS ♥♥♥

How to start this one? I really do hate writing bad reviews and don’t really feel like having a rant. So, to begin I will say that I was super excited to read this book.

When I read the blurb, I was eager to dive in since I am one of those people who highly enjoy student-teacher romance books, because I’m a perv like that. However, I did not expect to not get that student-teacher romance that I was hoping for. That story had already happened before this book began. So, what we have here, is two characters named Auburn and Reed, who rekindle their relationship years after their affair ended. So there was no tension or excitement of being found out because Reed is no longer Auburn’s teacher.

I would have enjoyed this story regardless of that, but the whole story seemed very rushed to me. Time passed by quickly and the flow of the book was slightly disjointed. I needed more of a connection between the characters. Because their story began before this book began, I was unable to see their relationship develop or watch the characters develop. I had problems with the main character Reed, I didn’t know how to feel about him, and it didn’t help that he came off as a bit of a stalker at times. Auburn was an okay character. As the book progressed, though, Auburn seemed to change a bit kind of out of no where. Near the end there was a twist in the book that I didn’t see coming and didn’t even know why it was put in this story. The ending had a bit of an unconventional HEA, but I actually did like it because it somehow worked with what happened in the ending.

This book had so much potential, unfortunately it was not for me and that really saddens me. It could be that it was just me who didn’t enjoy it because I know there are others who have. So who knows, you might enjoy this one more than I did if you give it a try.


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~ARC gifted to Kris & Vik Book Therapy Cafe in exchange for an honest review.~

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