ARC Audio Review: Beg, Tease, Submit: The Submission Series Sequence 1 by C.D. Reiss

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Author: C.D. Reiss

Book: Beg Tease Submit The Submission Series Sequence 1

Available: NOW!


Kris’s 5 Bean Review:

While this was not my first experience with Queen Reiss, this was my first audiobook in quite some time. I admit that usually when I have listened to some samples of audiobooks I did not like that the narrator sounded robotic and forceful with their rendition. I was so very delightfully surprised by the way that Jo Raylan took C.D. Reiss’s, divine way of storytelling and delivered an erotic and highly sensual experience that I will not forget anytime soon. This series knocked my socks off the first time through, and being able to have it read and expressed through the voice of Jo Raylan was absolutely fan-fucking-tastic! When she sang the words that Monica wrote I felt as though I had been transported into this world of singing and songwriting to connect with others, to maintain your connections with those who may be gone, and to communicate fears, dreams, and limits in a truly unique way. 

Sequence one tells the story of Monica Falkner a singer songwriter who is attempting to make a name for herself and how she proceeds to meet and become involved with Jonathan Drazen, a divorced millionaire who is as intense and enigmatic as he is rich. Monica learns some hard truths and experiences a great deal of turmoil and change in sequence one while Jonathan has an epiphany of his own… and it’s all wrapped up in an absorbing & deliciously hot package which was absolutely earth shattering to listen to. Whether you have read this series or this is your first time, this audiobook is absolutely worth indulging in!

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