REVIEW: FOR LIFE by Debra Kayn

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Title: For Life

Series: Moroad MC Series #2

Author: Debra Kayn

Genre: April 7, 2015

Release Date: MC Romance

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** ARC was giving by author in exchange for an honest review **


Cam Farrell, president of the Moroad Motorcycle Club, struggles to adjust to living on the outside after spending the last eighteen months in prison. Pressured to confess to his part in the crime of bringing his son into the club, he must make drastic changes to stay ahead of the law and prove to Christina he will never leave her again. The noose tightens as he faces the possibility of losing everything he’s worked for within the Moroad MC. Can he save his club, his woman, his son, and his life?
Some people in Federal call Christina insane for loving a criminal, but Cam’s presence has always provided her with an inner strength she’s found nowhere else. Christina’s worries increase when Cam arrives home more hardened, more violent, and more determined to continue the life of crime that has dictated his life. Caught between her fear of losing him and forcing Cam to fulfill his promises, Christina must face the truth. Love has no boundaries and some things are better off staying buried.
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Another great instalment of the Moroad MC.  This book picked up where Book 1, Wrapped Around Him, left off.  Cam returns from an 18 month stint in prison and he has a hard time adjusting to life on the outside and getting Christina back to the goodness they had before he went away.

Cam struggles with the changes that have taken place with his son Jermey and Christina.  He has difficulty dealing with Christina’s friendship with his VP Merk, and how she turns to him when things weigh heavy on her concerning club life and her relationship with Cam.  Not to mention many other secrets and lies that unfold as the story goes on.

I really enjoyed reading more about the intense and at times toxic relationship that is Cam and Christina.  While Cam was rough around the edges and hard to reason with on multiple occasions, there is not doubt that his love for Christina knows no bounds.  While the man scares the shit out of me many times over, I knew that Cam would do anything for his woman.  He proves this time and time again.

I was so torn at parts with the book because there was a mild love triangle (I won’t ruin it for those who haven’t had the pleasure to read this book yet) and at times I found myself leaning toward the other man.  Don’t get me wrong I love Cam but I feel he loses a piece of himself ever time he goes back to prison, and he doesn’t get it all back upon release day.  When he returns back to Christina he is harder, darker, and places the club above his love for his son and his woman at times.  You can see this battle wage war inside his head and his heart but on many occasions he didn’t think twice but to side with the club. When all Christina needed at times was a gentle touch or reasonable ear to turn to. But in the end Cam owned me just like he owned Christina.

I hope this is not the last we read of the Moroad MC’s,  they all deserve to have their story told.

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About Author

Bestselling Romance Author, Debra Kayn lives with her family at the foot of the Bitterroot Mountains in beautiful Northern Idaho. She enjoys riding motorcycles, playing tennis, fishing, photography, and creating chaos for the men in the garage.

When Debra was nineteen years old, a man kissed her without introducing himself. When they finally came up for air, the first words out of his mouth were…will you have my babies? Considering Debra’s weakness for a sexy, badass man, who is strong enough to survive her attitude, she said yes. A quick wedding at the House of Amour and four babies later, she’s living her own unbelievable romance book.


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