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Love the Way You Lie
by Skye Warren
Publication Date: March 12, 2015

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A dark romance about the lies that lead us down…

I’ll do anything to get safe, even if that means working at the scariest club in town.

I’ll do anything to stay hidden, even if it means taking off my clothes for strangers.

I’ll do anything to be free. Except give him up. When he looks at me, I forget why I can’t have him. He’s beautiful and scarred. His body fits mine, filling the places where I’m hollow, rough where I am soft.

He’s the one man who wants to help, but he has his own agenda. He has questions I can’t answer. What are you afraid of?

Vik Review


The jungle is a scary place for those who wander in…”


Um… WOW!!!

This marks my second read by Skye Warren. Actually this is also my second listen of Sky Warren’s books. This series always popped up everywhere I looked in the dark genre books. If that is your thing proceed right ahead.

I did this one as an audible listen with Veronica Fox (voice of some of our favorite in the Romance section of audiobooks). She does a fantastic job of bringing this fantastic dark read of suspense, heartbreak and realism to life. What I have at this point noticed about Skye Warren is that she doesn’t shy from things. There is no cut to black scenes, there is no such thing as an uncomfortable moment that the reader is spared. No how could it! when Skye is all about making us writhe in uncomfort as dark slithers in our skin. She exposes the underbelly of the world (that hopefully) we are not aware of in real life. The world of danger and no laws or norms of the society. On top of all of that Skye is a genius in writing dark erotic that turns you on and at the same time makes you feel a bit wrong for being so aroused.


Honor is on a run… on a run to nowhere… with no hope for the future but just basic human instinct to survive… to escape from the horrors of her life. She has done nothing wrong to deserve and yet she was born of the world that is unlike the norm. Unwilling to no longer fulfill the role that the women are designed to hold in that world… world full of criminal activity she runs. She was ok being a pawn piece in helping to solidify her mob boss father’ place in his retirement but once that world was about to touch her tween sister she ran. Ran hoping for the best but only end up hiding in a motel with an exit plan and stripping to make ends meet. Once a princapessa now a slave to depraved minds of men who visit strip joins looking for ‘more’.

“Let me stroke you,” I beg him.

Anything would be easier than getting raked over his boot, fucking his leg, exposed in my own awkward arousal. It’s building even though I know this is wrong. No, it’s building faster because it’s so wrong.

That is until strong and deadly enters her life. Kip sees here at the strip joint and he makes a mission of following her. He wrings out emotions out of her that has not been dulled out over the years in her old life, being a sex object to the next of heir in her ailing father’s empire nor from the VIP ‘dance’ visits at her current place of employment. No, he demands more, he makes her feel more, he turns her on. The beginning of their relationship is hard to take.  Kim is a rough man who exhumes pure alpha with a heavy dose of danger. Rough man who likes things his way with no limits. If it wasn’t done by him I think the things he put her through would be pure humiliations, but thankfully it works for him. He owns it. He owns her… he owns us. Oh Kip, Kip, Kip…

Now he is an animal in repose, a lion spread across a rock, bathing in the sun—even if the rock is a creaking wooden chair, straining under his force. Even if the sun is the flicker of fluorescent lights from the edges of the velvet curtain. It’s still primal. Still beautiful.

However, sooner of later Honor’s old life catches up… or has it caught up with her sooner than she though? I won’t tell except tell you that you must read/listen to this. The only thing that was a negative to me was the speed of the narration. At a normal pace it felt like the story dragged on which I’m sure was meant to be because the story  needed it but I couldn’t take it. I increased the speed to 1.25x in my Audible app which was perfect. The pace picked up a bit and it didn’t hinder the speed of the narration. Either speed of the story and narration’s quite pleasant. If you are looking for some dark fun… some tingles… look no further but this series.

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Skye Warren is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of dark romantic fiction. Her books are ra w, sexual and perversely romantic. WebsiteBlogTwitterFacebookGoodreads

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