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Release Date: June 10

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Blurb v2
“We were the nightmares of nightmares…”
On the surface, Ricki Conklin is just an average bloke, a brilliant tattooist with his own shop.
Below the surface, he’s a vigilante revenge-seeker, atoning for a past he fears will never set him free.
Jaime is his everything, his foul-mouthed Dollface.
Covered in ink from collarbone to feet, she’s a wild child after his heart.
Set adrift, losing faith in herself and humanity, she’s broken down not by abuse, but by neglect. For years, she exists only so she can finally come home.
This is their story.
Review Vik v2

“There will come a day when it all falls into place for you. She’s out there, and she’s going to show you what it means when sex and love are one in the same.”

Beards, tattoos, anti-hero heroes, dark past, hot guys and girls, and a mysterious shadow organization who we briefly got introduced to in Book 1, Ten Thousand Words, in Xanthe & Ollie’s story. Haven’t read it? That’s relatively ok, you can start with this one. Although the story involves Xanthe’s group of friends, for the most part, the story takes place back in time. In my preference I would read the first book but if you must go ahead and start this one.
In book 2 in Ten Thousand series we are given back story how Jaime and Ricki Conklin met. We see the evolution and growth of 2 completely messed up people. Two people who are just trying to do good in the world and at the same time find their place in it.

“No matter who I am, no matter what I do, Jaime…I’m always your man.”

I loved it even more so because while we were introduced to secondary characters in Xanthe’s story we didn’t’ find out what they were TRULY all about…. and boy do we get that. We definitely learn the group dynamics and what each person means to one another. They are full on dysfunctional but full on family!
I’ve truly fallen in love with poor Ricki who has had hard time chasing his childhood nightmares away. Nightmares that prevent him embracing happiness with a better half, which just happens to be Jaime. Jaime was a total trouble maker and the mouth on her! WOW! While not totally emotional stable herself she was/is perfect fit to even out Jamie. Bringing him back into the light and at the same time taking herself there as well.
However, be prepared this book takes on a bit heavier and darker mood. There might be some triggers for sensitive readers but in my opinion life is full of triggers and rarely without HEA endings. So beware but don’t get frightened… if anything being in Ricki’s bearded/tatted mind will make you feel all quivery in the right places lol.
By the time the book finished I was sobbing away and getting weird looks on the train… but that’s OK all is perfect in the wonderful vigilante world of Amsterdam. Now off I go and wait for book 3, Deo’s story!
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Ten Thousand Words
About Author v2
Born and raised in Miami, Kelli Jean traded the tropical heat for the arctic. Now she deals with twenty-four hour daylight in the summer, zero sunlight in the winter, and believes the Northern Lights make up for the mind-boggling amount of ice and snow she has to put up with for seven months out of the year. She’s surrounded by mountains and ocean and sheep, and claims her bizarre sense of humor is what keeps her sane. The insane don’t know they’re insane. Kelli uses her imagination to create worlds she can escape to from the mundane tasks of everyday life, such as washing the damn dishes and vacuuming up Legos off the floor—and don’t get her started on the mad amount of cat hair on the end of the couch. She gave up on that a long time ago. When the household goes to sleep at night, she writes down everything that happened in her head while doing such tedious chores. But she enjoys living in her own head, so that’s pretty cool. Technology terrifies her. She can barely turn on a computer, and was completely shocked when she’d actually written a book on one. To this day, she has no explanation for this baffling mystery. It took her three years to realize she can take screen shots of messages and pictures of bearded, tattooed men with her phone. Now that she’s mastered this task, her phone is slowly dying, and she’s nervous that she’s going to have to buy a new one and it will take her another three years to learn how to use it.

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