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Love Between the Covers
A Documentary Film

Written, Produced & Directed by: Laurie Kahn

Releasing July 12th, 2016
Distributed by: The Orchard

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Love stories are universal. Love stories are powerful.  And so are the women who write them.

Love Between the Covers is the fascinating story of the vast, funny, and savvy female community that has built a powerhouse industry sharing love stories.  Romance fiction is sold in 34 languages on six continents, and the genre grosses more than a billion dollars a year — outselling mystery, sci-fi, and fantasy combined.  Yet the millions of voracious women (and sometimes men) who read, write, and love romance novels have remained oddly invisible. Until now.

For three years, we follow the lives of five very diverse published romance authors and one unpublished newbie as they build their businesses, find and lose loved ones, cope with a tsunami of change in publishing, and earn a living doing what they love—while empowering others to do the same. Romance authors have built a fandom unlike all others, a global sisterhood where authors know their readers personally and help them become writers themselves. During the three years we’ve been shooting Love Between the Covers, we have witnessed the biggest power shift that has taken place in the publishing industry over the last 200 years. And it’s the romance authors who are on the front lines, pioneering new ways to survive and build communities in this rapidly changing environment.

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Being a romance reader MUCH longer that I have been a blogger this was an entirely new experience for me. Well for one I was watching a movie based on us readers rather than seeing my favorite book boyfriend come to life… but I digress. This fantastic documentary on the Romance world is something that I not only recommend to Romance genre haters snobs but to the current lovers and readers as well!

I am not entirely sure but I hope this was your experience if you ever chatted with fellow readers, reader groups, bloggers, authors, or whatever!… unity and tolerance. Something that is very unique to the romance genre lovers. We are the readers who support fiction world and yet our reading preferences are always shamed by said snobs (who heart breakenly sometimes are even those closest to you – my experience) . There are more of us… we are strong… we are independent… we are full of love… we are women… we are JOBBIN’ women… so WHY? The documentary does quite a bit exploring that aspect. All of it made me feel great on the inside. I cried. I laughed. Most importantly I didn’t feel alone. Made me proud to have “unfortunate susceptibility to romance” as Mary Bly aka Eloisa James have mentioned in recounting her early reading habits. As that meant I belonged to this whole group of (predominantly) women who found what they love while making themselves a success doing it.

This documentary explored that and so much more. We get quite a lot of romance genre (in the past 30-40 years) as it took off in different directions and found their niche. Social, racial, and gender stereotypes are broken through. Actually, society should pay more attention to us because romance readers are more accepting and more progressive than society in general.

So throughout the whole hour and a half of the movie, I kept going ‘Yes, yes… EXACTLY!” “OMG, You too?!”.

The documentary focuses a lot on origins that made the romance world that is today. However, I would have loved to see more of present day authors, specifically the viewpoint of self-published aka indie authors. Perhaps a part 2? *fingers crossed*

** Advance Screening was provided in exchange for an honest review. **


Love Between the Covers – Official Trailer from Laurie Kahn on Vimeo.

Love Between the Covers – Snippet – Jill Shalvis & Kristan Higgins – Don’t interrupt me when I’m writing from Laurie Kahn on Vimeo.

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