New Releases You May Have Missed: August 2017

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..::New Releases You May Have Missed::..

New Releases You May Have Missed: August 2017

If You See Me (Muses of Hollywood Book 1 by Jen Stevens

Blurb: Alexander Carlos Quinoñez, a.k.a. Xan, is a model with a filthy mouth and a reputation.

James Elizabeth Lynwood, is a photographer with a history and a problem. 

James doesn’t want to date, she’s been burned before and doesn’t have time to deal with drama right now. She’s too busy building her brand and her life to bother with the whole dating mess. She’s got things to do. 

Xan hasn’t ever wanted a woman the way he wants James. The sexy woman with the name of a boy has him so desperately intrigued he has no idea what to think. She has him wondering who he is and what he really wants–for the first time in his life.


When James needs a date to her BFFs wedding in San Francisco Xan manages to finagle a ticket in exchange for his adherence to a few rules, the first of which is NO TOUCHING.  


But Xan knows he’s just as good with his mouth as he is with his body so he’s determined to get past all the walls this buxom blonde beauty is throwing up in front of him…and in to her.

Control: A Dark Bad Boy Romance (Blackened Souls MC) by Naomi West


New girl in town means fresh meat for the taking.
One and done is my usual motto… but this one is different.
Taking her once won’t be enough.
I need her screaming my name, obeying my commands… and carrying my baby.

She looked like a fish out of water when she wandered into my town.
Said she was new around here…
But all I heard was “Take me, please.”

Your wish is my command, princess.

I’m the man who will ruin her for all others.
Cocky as hell? Yeah.
Hotter than that? Damn straight.
And I’m more than ready to take this angel for a ride.

But there’s more to this girl than meets the eye.
Turns out she was the bait in a trap I never saw coming.

I’m a lone wolf, not a breeding stallion.
But her father has other ideas.
And with a gun against my head, what other choice do I have?

Sleeping with Katrin is just the beginning of things.
Before I know it, there’s a wedding on the horizon…
And my baby growing inside her belly.

I guess this is what happens when you lose control.

CONTROL is a full-length, standalone bad boy baby heist romance. This exclusive new novel comes with additional bonus content so you never have to stop reading. All sexual situations feature characters who are 18+ and consenting. Enjoy!

Princely Passions: A Royal Romance by Alexis Angel

Blurb: There isn’t a woman alive who can tame the world’s most notorious billionaire prince. Many have tried. All have failed.

The world knows him as Prince Pleasure. Lewd, crude, and completely unapologetic. Worshiped by millions of women around the globe, and pined for by those who have had the “privilege” of being one of his many conquests. Living in a penthouse in the skies of New York City, playboy Prince Derrick indulges in a voracious appetite of lust that can be tempered by no one.

Until he goes too far…

What happens when the only woman who can preserve the Prince’s lavish lifestyle of pleasure is the first woman whose heart he broke?

The only regret he harbors?

The only one he loved?

A Prince of Sin. And an Angel of Virtue…

When a simple arrangement turns complicated and steamy, it will be the bad boy prince himself who realizes the love he lost. But will he be able to redeem himself? Or will he forever regret his actions?

Come salute this standalone royal romance. A story that’s filled with brooding billionaire alpha-males and the women they love. I promise I won’t leave you with a cliffhanger, but be warned, the heat level is hotter than a hundred-degree day. Will this bad boy prince get his happily ever after? The answer is one-click away, babe

A Girl Named Blu by Charity Hodge

Blurb: I hate my new school, and I desperately want to go back to my old school to finish up my senior year with the familiar faces and friends that I know.

My dad just got a new job in a new city with a promotion and a big fat raise. Now I have to live in a new city with no friends. Being the only black girl in a sea of pale faces makes me feel alone. My parents say to keep my head up and to do my best because the new school year will fly by before too long.

Yeah, right! My parents don’t understand how alone I feel.

That is, until him. Jasper Hartley, the new guy who befriends me and make me want so much more.
Sure, he’s gorgeous, but he doesn’t act like a rich snob like some of the other kids at school. Jasper is kind, generous and built like a Greek god. He becomes my first and only everything.

I’m so happy that is until Brooke. She’s a rich mean, snobby girl and her friends are just as rotten as she is. Brooke is determined to dig her talons into Jasper and snag him for herself.

Rumors and lies swirl around me catching me up in an emotional rollercoaster. Heartbreak is imminent.

I’m not happy anymore. My heart breaks.

Along come, Kade Watson. Jasper’s rival. Kade is pushy, funny, and sweet. He’s determined to make me smile again and take me for himself.


I still care for Jasper. The truth is, I love him.

So, what’s a girl to do? I’m just a simple girl with small town values with a big heart. That’s me.

Just Blu.

KNUD, Her Big Bad Wolf: 50 Loving States, Kansas by Theodora Taylor

Blurb: An amnesia romance unlike any you’ve ever read…


After waking up in the hospital with a huge six month blank where my memory was supposed to be, I have three questions that need answering, like, yesterday.

1. Why was I, a woman, who has never taken so much as an overnight camping trip found bruised and battered on a river bank in the middle of nowhere?

2. What took place over the six months I can’t recall?

And obviously the most important question of all…

3. Who is the father of the baby now growing inside of me?

I return to my life in Kansas, determined to find out what (and who) happened to me there. And the answer to all my questions turns out to be big, bad and sexy all over.

One Night Stand Gone Totally Effing Wrong…


I knew I had no business messing with her from the moment we met. I don’t do complicated and she’s a walking, talking (way too much) Complication.

Friends with benefits. That was all we were supposed to be. We even had a list of rules.

This is the story of how we ended up breaking every single one.

Readers BE WARNED: If you’re not ready to go on a wild ride with a big bad Nightwolf and the daughter of one of the most popular 50 States couples of all time, DO NOT one-click this book!!!

Brink of Disaster: That One by Danielle Allen

Blurb: Choose Your Happily Ever After (1 of 2 possible endings for Disasters in Dating)

Desiree Johnson had to start over due to circumstances she didn’t see coming and a bombshell that was out of her control. In starting over, she was thrust into a situation that was completely unfamiliar to her: dating.

But not just dating, online dating.

And not just online dating, online dating in her thirties.

But wading through the sea of WYD texts, dick pics, cheating boyfriends/husbands, and womanizers gave her a better idea of what she wanted and what she didn’t want. And it made her appreciate and want to hold on to the good men she did find.

But when a chance encounter forced her hand, Desiree had to make a choice.

And now, so do you.

Our happiness is a direct reflection of the choices we make and the people with whom we choose to involve ourselves. To a certain degree, the life we live is a sum of our choices. We are a sum of our choices.

Choose wisely.

Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number (Jillian and Richard Book 2) by Erica A Davis and BWWM Club

Blurb: Launch Sale: Just 99c, guaranteed for 24 hours only! Save 75% over the regular price of $3.99.

An older couple, billionaire romance by Erica A Davis of BWWM Club. Features another free bonus book.

Jillian couldn’t be happier.

She’s married to handsome billionaire Richard, and has a beautiful two year old daughter named Marie.

Not only that, she’s reconnected with mom Samantha and sister Chrissie, who she was previously estranged from because of abuse in the family.

But then Sophie turns up on the scene – a 22 year old with a massive crush on Richard.

She stops at nothing to try and snare him, even getting into their marital bed in the middle of the night.

Jillian thought that was bad enough, but then something earth shattering happens.

Jillian goes into her daughter’s bedroom, and finds out that Marie is gone.

Nowhere to be found.

With so many people determined to ruin them, will this family ever be free to live their lives?

Can they rise above it all and find their happily ever after?

Find out in this exciting yet heartfelt romance by Erica A Davis of BWWM Club.

Suitable for over 18s only due to toe curlingly hot sex scenes.

Blind Date (Venture, Georgia Book 3) by Olivia Gaines

Blurb: The Man was given an assignment- to take care of Shanice Olleh. However, he never expected to find a child or the woman he sent to handle, be so attractive. Making a call which could end his career or his life, he forever alters Shanice’s life after one blind date.
Shanice Olleh agrees to a blind date with her boss’s friend, but the evening shifts when a hired hit man takes an interest in his mark.
Welcome back to Venture, Georgia with this dark romance, and loving a bad guy, being so good.

The FIRE Wolf (Werewolves On Heat Book 3) by Ellie Valentina

Blurb: The sexy new werewolf romance series that everyone is talking about! 

Ranger Nick Greyson was a werewolf on heat.

When he caught the scent of 20 year old Sarah Benson he knew he had caught the scent of his fated mate. After all, the nose never lies.

However, Sarah’s scent made Nick so wild with desire that he did the one thing he knew he should have never done.

He bit her.

And now young Sarah is set to also become a werewolf on heat…

The FIRE Wolf is the latest book in the “Werewolves On Heat” series! If you love a HOT Werewolf romance romance then this is perfect for you, download now and enjoy!

Alpha to Omega: 4-Book Bundle by Casey Cameron

Blurb: Turn up the heat with the complete 4-book collection of alpha/omega romances by Casey Cameron!

Grab all four of these steamy alpha/omega romances: three novels and one novella, plus a bonus short story, all in one convenient bundle!

Tying the Knot: High school sweethearts Fox and Dustin get a second chance at first love when Fox’s fiancée dumps him at their destination wedding. Dustin wants to be the alpha his omega deserves, but if they’re going to tie the knot, they’ve got to reconcile their past before Fox slips out of his life again for good.

His Alpha’s Alpha: When omega Ethan accidentally bonds with his alpha crush Nick and goes into an early heat, there’s just one problem: Nick’s alpha boyfriend, arrogant reality TV star Corey Masters. Can these three men find a way to coexist, or will two alphas be too much for Ethan to handle?

Omega Studies: The last thing omega Matt Guerrero wants from his college experience is an alpha chaperone, but at least his assigned alpha Derek is easy on the eyes. When Matt uncovers a plot that puts every omega in the school at risk, Derek must choose between playing it safe and protecting the omega who’s come to mean so much to him.

Omega On the Line: When alpha lawyer Jason calls the Omega Line one lonely night, he doesn’t expect to fall for “Dean,” the irresistible voice on the other end. It’s obvious Dean feels the same way, but something is holding him back. Can Jason convince Dean to open up and let an alpha into his life?

Bonus Story: Rampant Heat: When omega Will goes into heat in a crowded subway, he winds up in the hands of the intense, domineering Glenn. This mysterious alpha has a lot to offer, but only if Will can overcome his hesitation and distrust of alphas first.

Forever Hearts by CJ Martin


Best friends aren’t meant to fall in love with each other…

From the time I was five, Jesse Collins was my world. He was my partner in crime. My best friend. My confidant.

We were inseparable. Soul mates. Forever hearts. But all that changed when he took on a new role. Lover.

He told me to trust. To have faith. To believe in our love.

And I did.

But we all eat lies when the heart is hungry. And mine was damn hungry for Jesse Collins. I couldn’t stop myself from falling for him, even if I wanted to.

This is our story. The good. The bad. The heartbreaking.

But in the end, will the thread that binds us together be strong enough to weather the storm?
I used to think so, but now I’m not quite as sure…

Forever Hearts is a friends to lovers new adult romance. If you like sexy and sweet, hot and handsome, mixed with a whole lot of spice, then you’ll love this steamy romance by best-selling author CJ Martín.

Buy Forever Hearts and fall in love with your next book boyfriend today!

Black Love White Lies 2 by Genesis Woods

Blurb: Audrielle never imagined the next time she came face to face with Cairo, he’d have some news that would literally tear her heart into a million pieces. With nothing else to do but move on, will letting go of Cairo be an easy task for Audri, or will an old flame be there to help her get over it?
Cairo can’t wait for the unholy matrimony agreement he and Alex have to be over. The look on Audris face when she found out that he married his super model looking ex, was enough to break the strongest man down. All Cairo wants to do is collect his money, get a divorce, and finally be with the plus size beauty who stole his heart. When lies are still being told, truths are still being hidden, and devious schemes are brought into fruition, can the love Cairo and Audrielle have for each other get past it all, or is it to late to try and save something that might not want to be saved?


Must Love Hogs (Must Love Series Book 1) by Xavier Neal




And apparently a pig parent in a custody battle…

Olivia “Ollie” Steele isn’t expecting to take care of the pet pig her ex boyfriend randomly leaves behind, but when a handsome, green eyed stranger comes by demanding custody, she absolutely refuses to let go of her new pink pal. Never mind that she lives in a downtown city apartment or that she’s not sure if pigs are on the approved pet list. Her stubbornness causes the two of them to start an unusual friendship. Before either has a chance to overthink the many, many reasons why they shouldn’t fall in love, they do.

Can these two opposites make it work or will Ollie end up exactly where she started?



And a pig parent in a custody battle.


Locked in Temptation (The Protectors) by Brenda Jackson

Blurb: His job is to protect her…no matter the cost 

Police detective Joy Ingram’s connection to elite security expert Stonewall Courson is instant. Undeniable. Electric. But her commitment to protect and serve has always come first. Everything else is secondary—especially when she uncovers an underground surrogate baby-making ring. Joy can’t risk a distraction during the most important case of her career, not even one as sexy as reformed ex-con Stonewall.

There are few things Stonewall values more than a strong woman. But when Joy’s investigation draws her into a deadly conspiracy that goes deeper than she ever imagined, he must convince her that he’s the best man to protect her. And while he puts his life on the line to save hers, the insatiable attraction between them becomes the one danger neither of them can escape. 


Fireman’s Fake Fiancee: An Older Man Younger Woman Romance (A Man Who Knows What He Wants Book 26) by Flora Ferrari

Blurb: Why does it feel so real, when it’s only meant to be fake?

Fireman Isaac Irons is supposed to save me. He’s tall, dark, and as handsome as he is rich. With his rugged good looks and masculine presence, surely no one’s going to catch on to us. There’s no way you’d suspect our engagement is fake.

And I’m starting not to suspect it either. The way he whispers in my ear when no one’s looking. The way he puts his hand on the small of my back. The way his kisses go on just a little longer than we need in order to put on our little show. Is it just for show?

He’s enjoying this; this tormenting me.

But I can dish it out just as well as I can take it. I can play hot and cold, making him wonder what’s real and what’s not…and just what he really wants out of this so-called relationship of ours.

But when the sun goes down, my blood pressure rises. We’re alone in our shared bedroom, keeping up the charade. But the way he looks at me with those bedroom eyes of his, I know this is more than a game.

Can I risk losing everything if it means winning the man whose passion for me is suddenly feeling more and more real?

Fireman’s Fake Fiancée is an insta-everything standalone romance with an HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.

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