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Who I am…… I am the Kris in this blog. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and enjoy music, movies and of course reading.

My reading life… I’ve always loved to read. I can still remember in first grade when I read in class and my teacher was amazed and bumped me up to the next grades reading level. I’ve never been good at math, but books I totally get! I started reading again on a more regular basis and on a much larger scale in 2012. I feel the Indie world was really starting to boom then and the amount of awesome books for adorable prices was endless. I at times read up to 250 books in one year. Nowadays real life, being self-employed, getting married and taking care of my kitty babies has drastically slowed that down. But it has also introduced me to the wonderful world of audio books and they account for the bulk of my reading these days. I love Romance and all of its sub-genres for the most part, Erotica, Fiction, Poetry, Counseling Related, Motivational & Inspirational, Fantasy, Thrillers, Dark and Light reads are all my jam! My favorites would have to be Paranormal Romance, Billionaires, Rockers and Alphas… oh my! Meeting and interacting with my favorite authors is one of my favorite parts of this big adventure and I love how close it has brought me to my blogging soul mate Vik!

Random things about me… My favorite color is green, I love Mexican food and anything chicken, Cooking is one of my favorite hobbies, I have two Masters degrees an MA and an MEd, I love Beyonce, I am a proud feminist, I have 5 tattoos and I LOVE coffee and wine with my entire heart!

How to stalk me, legally…

You can find me on Goodreads


Who I am…and I am Vik in this blog (or as Kris taken to calling me The Russian). I love photography, my furbaby and reading with Smut-ateers… and if you can believe it I’m an introvert! Give me a book and I’ll blend into the furniture.

My reading life… ends at 1:30am with my iPad still being gripped hard in my hand while I’m deep in La-La-Land. I am a R-A-B-I-D Kristen Ashley fan. Her books I discovered by pure accident as I was trying to fill the hole (hi-yooo!) that FSoG left. So yes I was ALWAYS a reader but sort of lost my way but FSoG brought me back and introduced me to a whole new world of reading genre. I love anything Romance related in all subcategories – paranormal, ya/na, etc… I am a huge sucker for what I call “whoopsie-baby” storyline, and bikers, and men in uniform, and all around Alphas.

Random things about me…love baking, injecting that daily IV of Caffeine, Freebie Book hunting and total sucker for cutsie animals being assholes.

How to stalk me, legally…

You can find me on Goodreads



How we met… Kris & Vik met through the wonderful world of Goodreads. We found out over time that we both had a deep love for GIFs, free reads, man candy, and coffee!

What our aim is… We hope to bring you clear and honest reviews. Man Candy and Weekly inspiration. We hope to link you to various authors primarily of the romance and erotica world and we hope to keep you entertained while doing it.



We also have a dedicated team of Guest Reviewers who love books as much as us.


Our Rating System… We have a 1 to 5 Coffee Bean Rating System

1 bean – 1coffeebeanDid not like it at all

2 beans – 2coffeebeansIt was okay but had a lot of problems for me

3 beans – 3coffeebeansSolid Read with a few issues

4 beans – 4coffebeansReally Good

5 beans – 5coffeebeanWonderful, Perfect, and/or a Favorite

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