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Evanescent by Addison Moore (Read on 4/19/13)

This is the second book in The Countenance Trilogy which is a spinoff/prequel to the Celestra Series. If you haven’t read the Celestra Series you can still read this trilogy but I would definitely read the Celestra Series if I were you. Addison Moore is one of my most favorite authors. Her writing style and attention to detail in my humble opinion is stellar!!! I often have said that I compare her writing style to poetry it’s like reading Shakespeare. LOL! She has a way of saying everything but not saying anything if she wants to while avoiding those drags that some books experience while keeping you in a state of anticipation to see what is going to happen. At the end of this book I feel truly torn for Laken. She is about to have a HUGE decision on her hands and I don’t even know what I want her to decide and I am also so very curious to see how her story ties into the Celestra Series as well. Some of the things we learned in this book have me on the edge of my seat in anticipation to see how Addison is going to wrap this one up.


Overall Rating: 4 Stars 

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