Kris & Vik 1st Annual Top Ten List of The Year: 2014

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Kris & Vik 1st Annual Top Ten List of The Year: 2014

Well we’ve all been here before, so we will not bore you with a long and drawn out introduction. However, we would like to say that we are so very excited and happy to be able to do a top ten list of the year that we could just BURST! Kris & Vik Book Therapy Cafe has been a wonderful experience in the few short months that we have been around. We can only hope to share many more top ten lists with you. 


~~~*Kris’s Top Ten List*~~~

 10. The Body Rock Series by Nora Flite


Nora Flite is an author that I had never heard of until this year, and I am so very thankful for the Body Rock Series for introducing me to her. Since then I have been able to read Only Pretend, and I have started the Beyond Blood series as well. Every book I have read by her is dark, and sexy and extremely well written. I really loved this series and the way that Nora worked song lyrics into the story was wonderful. The intensity of the characters is something that she has consistently worked into all of her books. Do NOT let the fact that this is #10 make you think that I think any less of her. She has totally captivated me this year. 

Kris’s 4 Coffee Bean Review of Hard Body Rock:

Kris’s 4 Coffee Bean Review of Slow Body Rock:

Kris’s 4 Coffee Bean Review of Flawed Body Rock:

Kris’s 5 Coffee Bean Review of True Body Rock:

9. Chasing Love Series by Kenya Wright



Kenya Wright has written so many books and I am sad to say that this series was the first I have read from her. It most certainly won’t be the last. I am really excited to be able to read the conclusion of this series. I cannot say enough about this one. It was hot and just unapologetic which is my most favorite kind of sex. It had some kinky shit going on especially in the beginning and you got to see the main characters find their way to each other. The dominant was so fucking alpha and yummy it was just ORGASMIC!!! It had some seriously funny lines… and then… then… this shit took a really dark turn and I LOVED IT! 

Kris’s 5 Coffee Bean Review of An Arrangement of Love:

Kris’s 5 Coffee Bean Review of A Test of Love:

8. Ruin by C.D. Reiss


Well it’s well known by now that I refer to Queen Reiss as the Shakespeare of Smut. She is just fantastic with her prose and if nothing else you cannot say that she doesn’t give you one hell of an adventure with your smut in this one. This was seriously an excellent sequel to Book 1 Spin. Another excellent erotic mafia romance. These characters were complex and intense and you were sucked in from the start. I could go on and on and on but I won’t… 

Kris’s 5 Coffee Bean Review of Ruin:

7. Rook & Ronin Series by J.A. Huss




I heard so many wonderful things about this series and the spin-offs that came from it that I was so excited to see what it was all about. I was so happy to not be disappointed in anyway. Each one of these books sucked me in. You meet an interesting group of characters that you learn more and more about. Some of which later go on to have their own books which I also quickly have gobbled up. I cannot say enough about these hot, intense, and action packed books. 

Kris’s 4 Coffee Bean Review of Tragic

Kris’s 4 Coffee Bean Review of Manic

Kris’s 5 Coffee Bean Review of Panic

6. Hardline by Meredith Wild


 Hardline is the third book in the Hackers series and the first book in the series that got 5++++ stars/coffee beans from me. I LOVED the other books but always felt like something was missing. Well this book… man oh man, there was absolutely nothing missing! I loved every moment of it and the push and pull between Blake and Erica was ripe with the perfect balance of angst and passion. 

Kris’s 5 Coffee Bean Review of Hard Line:

5. The Cut & Run Series by Abigail Roux


When I read my first MM book/stories I was told that if I really wanted to read something that would knock my socks off, then this was the series for me. With those kinds of glowing recommendations coming from EVERYONE, not ONE person whose book judgment I trust had a negative thing to say about it. I was let down by book 8, but this series overall thus far is just so far above the rest no matter the category of romance it is in. Written so well, with complex characters that you cannot help but love. A definite must read. 

Kris’s 5 Coffee Bean Review of Cut & Run:

The  CutandRunSeries on Amazon… 


4. Lovely Trigger by R.K. Lilley


This series was fantastic and the conclusion was no less than epic. I love everything that R.K. Lilley does but this was spectacular. I thought after reading Rock Bottom that this conclusion was going to be an extremely tall order. I was not disappointed at all. I even got more than I bargained for at the very end… Excellent stuff! 

Kris’s 5 Coffee Bean Review of Lovely Trigger:


3. Fighting to Forget by J.B. Salsbury


I have loved J.B. Salsbury since I started reading Fighting for Flight and Jonah and Raven melted my heart. Fighting to Forget is the third book in the series and by far Jamie’s best writing yet! This book was thoughtful, heart wrenching, and beautiful in so many wonderful ways. 

Kris’s 5 Coffee Bean Review of Fighting to Forget:

2. Lead by Kylie Scott


It was a no brainer for me that this book would be one of my top reads. It is also the third in the series like many books that made my list for the year. This entire series has been fantastic… However, this story was just so much WIN! Jimmy was the biggest asshole and Lena at first you feel sorry for her but then you see what’s happening and how these characters are affecting one another and you start to see them change and grow and it is spectacular. I loved this one so very much and that was while feverish and sick as a dog with a nasty upper respiratory infection. So I cannot imagine how AWESOME it was to those who read it while in full health. 

Kris’s 5 Coffee Bean Review of Lead: 

1. The These Days Series by Renee Ericson


This was a series that I did not have a chance to read but purchased the first two books quite awhile ago when they were on sale. I had the pleasure of meeting Renee in Massachusetts in April but I had yet to read her books. She was so nice and I was a bit of a spaz, and I said I was definitely going to read her books this year. She was all cool and said if you can and to let her know what I thought of them. Well, I finally had a chance to pick them up late summer and it was perfect timing because her third book was about to come out. I cannot say enough about this series. It made me believe in love again! It spans YA, to NA, to most definitely adult and will hit you in ALL of the feels. You will not only cry tears of heart ache but joy. Brent is the swooniest and Ruby is so strong and vulnerable at the same time that you cannot help but to admire her. The both of them together are frenzied, passionate, and inspirational. There was no doubt that this series would be my number one this year once I completed it. I only wish that I would have started sooner… but timing is everything. 

Kris’s 5 Coffee Bean Review of The These Days Series:



~~*Vik’s Top Ten List*~~

10. Crane by Stacey Rourke

This was my first read of a retelling of a fairy tale/legend. It rocked my socks with it’s authentic and very humorous storytelling of Sleepy Hollow and Headless Horseman. It had it’s own spin to it and well it was hilarious even though the story itself is suppose to be horror.

Vik’s 5 Coffee Bean Review of Crane –

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 Followed By


9. Black Collar Empire by NA Latro

This book was so twisted. It had quite a few innuendos that just made very, very nervous. It was a perfect dark read with a NYC city based mafia. Also, seriously the covers are so representative of the book. There are 2 prequels to the main novel and there will be a follow-up. 

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Free Prequel Novellas


8. Natural Love by S. Celi

This Taboo love story that was sweet and full of love. Sometimes love doesn’t follow rules of society. This story surprised me because it’s a taboo plot line but it didn’t make the story perverted but rather beautiful and very, very complicated.

Vik’s 4 Coffee Bean Review of Natural Love –

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7. For Fallon by Soraya Naomi

Now I may be a little biased here as I know this debut author from many years of Goodreads socializing, but as a debut author Soraya kicked ass! If you are looking for a story with a Chicago Mafia and the sort of love that will overcome through some gunfire, dangerous mafia, blackmail and some shady shady deals.

Vik’s 4 Coffee Bean Review of For Fallon –

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6. Reaper’s Stand by Joanna Wylde

 BIKERS!!!! Enough said…

Vik’s 5 Coffee Bean Review of Reaper’s Stand –

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Reaper’s Property Review


5. Insidious by Aleatha Romig

If Tony from her Consequnces series has not messed with your head enough hold onto your sanity for this one. Oooh wait you can’t because this book is destined to mess with you head until you are in fetal position and rocking in a corner. This might not sound like a good thing but TRUST me it’s a wonderful thing. Aleatha strikes again with a KILLER new series.

Vik’s 5 Coffee Bean Review of Insidious –

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4. Deacon by Kristen Ashley

 My love for KA has no bounds. Kristen brought the silent, brooding, dangerous Alpha man back. Loved that she tried something new by letting two people explore each other in a NEW way. YEAH! I’m looking at you that sexy scene at 84%.

Vik’s 5 Coffee Bean Review of Deacon –

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Knight Review   ||     Creed Review     ||     Raid Review

3. King by Tiffany Reisz

 Original Sinners series with flashbacks to what made King… KING! As usual Tiffany delivers with an amazing storyline, the best kinksters and amazing support cast.

Vik’s 5 Coffee Bean Review of King –

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The Siren Review  ||  The Angel Review || The Prince Review || The Mistress Review


The Saint Review  ||  The King Review  ||  The Virgin (Releases 4/1/15)


2. Untamed Hearts Series by Kele Moon

This was the year I met Kele in person and fell in love with her even more. She captured my heart with Battered Hearts Series and she promised that this spin-off series will be darker. She delivered because I didn’t think I could love someone more than I did Romeo in Star-Crossed, but wow Viper (Chuito’s cousin) stole my heart and then without an apology Slayer/Chuito stole it right from under him. They did say there were thieves… I can not wait for you readers to meet Chuito, but be warned he is MINE! that is until book 3 comes out… so just be patient.

*Thank you Kele for giving me the chance to meet Chuito… I am 100% sure he will be on this list next year that’s how awesome he is… review to come

Vik’s 5 Coffee Bean Review of The Viper –

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1. Experiment in Terror Series Ending by Karina Halle

This year marked the end and “happy” ending for my favorite Derry couple. It has been a crazy right through 9 books and 4+some novellas. No more new material but hopefully some appearances for he spin-off series about Perry’s sister Ada. It is no secret I am obsessed with Karina’s writing but this series truly touched my Horror/Bad-Things-Bumping-In-The-Night/Is-That-You-Breathing-On-My-Neck-Oh-No-That’s-Just-Ominious-Ghost loving heart. PS I still want a Llama!

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