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Title: The Viper (Untamed Hearts, #1)

Author: Kele Moon

Genre: Erotic / Contemporary Romance

Release Date: August 19, 2014

Publisher: Loose Id
Tour Organized by: As the Pages Turn


Marcos Rivera is a fighter. A gang member. Someone who has seen the dark side of humankind and survived. He has lost family and gained enemies. He has stolen cars and destroyed hearts, stripping one for money and the other for pleasure. His past is haunted and his future is bleak.
Until her.
Katie Foster is a high school history teacher. Smart, strong, and sexy. She is a woman Marcos shouldn’t want. Shouldn’t touch. Shouldn’t love. He met her in Garnet, a backwards, hick town that’s the last place in the world he wants to be, but he finds himself going back for a taste of the forbidden.
Katie represents all that is good in the world, and Marcos knows he’s nothing but trouble for her perfect life. He fights and he screws. He commits crimes and he breaks the rules. He will never change and he will never escape his gang lifestyle.
Or can he?
What happens when two different people from two very different walks of life risk it all by giving into the passion that threatens to consume both of them? Can a woman who only knows how to play it safe give her heart to a man who lives hard and loves harder?
Will she survive The Viper?
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The Viper by Kele Moon

The Viper (Untamed Hearts, #1) by Kele Moon

“I can’t stop thinking that maybe two negatives might equal a positive.“

Well what can I possibly say about this new series… except I’m pretty sure Kele Moon has learned some voodoo tricks. I was pretty confident that no one would steal my heart quite like a certain permanent resident of Garnet town (Yes I’m looking at you Italian Stalian Romeo – Star Crossed. All I got to say is that I’m quite happy to be proven wrong and completely smitten with the darker, edgier, rougher Character that resides in Garnet Universe aka breeding ground to MMA hunks.

On a brief visit to see his cousin Chuito, Marcos has a head-on collision with his fate… in what seems to be another horrible incident in his already bad luck life.

At the same instant Katie has the same thought as she gets pinned in a car crash that can only mean another horrible incident in her bad luck life. Hmm… bad luck life all around.

But somehow that crash left a huge impact on the life of a small-town, timid, divorcee teacher and (ex)-gang member trying to go legit but just can’t hack it… THANKS LADY LUCK!

At this point I fell in love with these characters because you just feel enough is enough for those two… they need happiness… AND most importantly they need each other. Marcos needs a non-wild womanly gringa touch to soften out his edges that were sharpened to a point from a hard life of being a gang member. At the same time Katie needs some roughness in her life to sharpen up those too soft edges of her life… basically she needed a backbone.

“You wanna cry, chica?”
She nodded and squaked, “Yes”
“Then you cry” He signed as he caressed her arm. “I can’t make you hard, so you be soft for both of us, okay?”

As 2 completely different people they should not make any sense but they do… but then again I have this fascination with what can only be described as “Serial Killer Sexy” men and believe every ‘good’ girl should get to experience on and maybe even fall in love.

Well Kele provides that in spades with some delicious sprinkls of insta-love. Now don’t get riled up I love the insta-love when it makes sense and it totally does in this case. It may be insta-love but there is a slow progression that is fought hard and for good reasons by Marcos and interfered hard by his cousin… Come On! a small town girl with a gangster… pfft!

The attraction and curiosity was there but there needed to be a spark to ignite that fire and burn the whole town down.

Katie laughed harder and learned down to lick the coffee off his stomach by dragging her tongue over the deep ridges of his abdominal muscles.

So speaking of burning the town down… Marcos is hot all around… the dirty talk, the dirty thoughts and just this alpha approach to treating a woman. Totally bossy and yet total lush and ye… totally pussy-whipped… I have no idea how Marcos pulls it all together in nice rough OG package but I’m game.

“Now is always a good place to start on the future”
“You want it?” he asked, grinning.
“Yes” She nodded again, but then added playfully. “But I sort of want you to admit that I’m stronger first”
“You’re stronger than me, chica. I mean that,” he assured her. “Much stronger”

Now this new spin-off series has got quite a good foot-hold on a younger generation of Garnet residents and those related to the residents. We still get to see old characters from Battered Hearts Series but we get more of the ones that remained in the background. Particularly I want to mention Chuito. As MUCH as the story was the love story of Marcos & Katie, it was also about Chuito. Correct me if I’m wrong but Chuito was an important ‘background’ to who Marcos is. What kind of man he is and how hard the life was for him. He is the Ying to his Yang. One can not exist without the other and one is not MADE without the other. Now that I have seen more of him I am quite TERRIFIED for when it will be his turn to get his smutty HEA.

***Favorite Quotes*** 

“I won,” she pointed out as he rolled the condom on.
“No you didn’t” He wrapped a hand around the back of her neck again and then pulled her tight against him. He flipped their position so fast she gasped when she found herself flat on her back, with Marcos hovering over her. “We both lose, chica”
She heard the pain in his voice then, the sheer agony that this was happening to them. That life would give them something like this an then yank it away after a week.

“You promised”
“And what does a promise mean to you? A Thief”
“To an OG, a promise means everything. You don’t break a promise once you make it…”

“Hablas español?” Marcos asked as he got to his feet.
“No, io parlo Italiano”
“Oh” Marcos shrugged. “Well, I don’t fucking understand Italian”
“I’m from New York, man. You Puerto Rican motherfuckers are on every corner in my old neighborhood. I grew up understanding Spanish”
“His brother speaks it. Fluently,” Chuito said it like a warning. “Without an accent. Like he was a Boricua. it’s weird as shit”


Blaring of the horn at the red light brings Vik out of her nervous thoughts. Kris is driving her to interview Marcos and Katie at their little cottage found at the back yard of Chuito’s mom’s house. The blaring of the horn continues even as both girls roll their eyes at each other and drive to their destination once the light switches.   

“I’m so nervous… I can’t do it… I’ll forget all the questions and just stare at him… or just ask him to speak Spanish to me… shirtless.”  

Kris carefully pries the coffee out of Vik’s grip, “Yeeeeh no more of this until the interview is over.”  

Before Vik realizes it she is standing at the curb and promptly ushered by Sofia into the cottage and after a quick round of introductions she is being seated across from Marcos and Katie. Katie practically in his lap.

Hi, thank you so much for agreeing to meet me and let me interview you!

“Sure, no problem.” Marcos nods at Vik with a grin. “Tell me, what’s your blog about? You like alpha males, chica?”

“Stop.” Katie hits his arm. “They’re encouraging people to read. It’s important.”

Marcos snorts. “Yeah, I would’ve read more in high school if I knew what was in those books. Katie reads ‘em. I opened one on her nightstand the other night. This guy had this chica bent over on the hood of his Camaro and–”

“Can you let them do their interview,” Katie interrupts, before giving Vik and Kris an apologetic look. “I apologize. I’m a big fan of your blog.”

Really? Thank you!

Let’s start from the beginning… do you both feel like your luck has changed since the accident, or are you both still waiting for that other shoe to drop  or as you say 2 negatives not making a positive at all?

“It has changed. I’m happy. We’re both happy.” Katie turns and gives Marcos a hesitant smile. “I suppose it’s not fair to speak for Marcos, but–”

“I’m happy,” Marcos assures them and squeezes Katie’s thigh, he huffs anyway. “But a part of me is always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Life is mean.”

Katie gives him another glare. “That’s cheerful.”

“It’s the truth.” He shrugs unapologetically. “But with Katie, I know we’re solid. It’s the rest of the world I don’t trust.”

“Our luck has changed,” Katie declares. “In all the important things, our luck is perfect.”

Katie, that was quite brave of you to write on Craigslist to get back into touch with Marcos… you know because of all those sickos. I’m curious what was the weirdest thing you received from some of the men claiming to be “Marcos”?

Marcos turns and looks at her with wide eyes. “There were sickos contacting you on craigslist? You didn’t tell me that.”

“It’s fine,” Katie assures him. “It’s nothing. Really.”

“No, it’s not,” he growls at her. “Pull out your phone. Show me the messages. What the fuck are they saying to you? Are they still contacting you?”

“Maybe we should change the subject.” Katie looks at Vik and Kris pleading abjectly. “Quickly.”

Ooops… OK Marcos, you have many tattoos that mean a lot because of the life you lived… since your luck has changed would you consider getting a tattoo to celebrate that? Maybe like.. ‘Katie’s Papi’ on your tushie? or well you know something else?  

Marcos rubs a hand against the back of his neck, still looking distracted by the craigslist comment. “¿Que?”

“Would you get a tattoo on your tushie that said Katie’s papi?” Katie repeats the question to him.

“Did you just say tushie?” Marcos laughs in spite of his obvious concern. “Say it again.”

“I guess that’s a no.” Katie rolls her eyes rather than repeat it.

“I already got a ring on my finger that basically says Katie’s papi.” Marcos laughs again. “But, sure, yeah. If I can have a Los Corredores snake on my arm I can sure as hell let her brand my ass. In fact–”

“No,” Katie cuts him off.

“I’d tattoo it on my forehead.” Marcos concludes.

“That’s not necessary,” Katie says drily. “But I appreciate the sentiment.”

Katie, have you thought of getting a tattoo?

 “I have one,” Katie says simply, and without shame.

She turns her head and lifts her hair, showing off the snake brand on the back of her neck. There are two flowers crossed beneath it, one pale pink, the other deep blue. It is undeniably a Los Corredores brand, even with the flowers.

Um… Wow! Why would you get Los Corredores tattoo on your neck? 

“It’s for protection,” Marcos winces as he says it. “I’m still a Los Corredores OG. They still have my back. Most of them.”

Marcos in your story you sounded like you were jealous of Chuito and Tino… *squirms*… I mean what is your best memory growing up with Chuito?

“I’m not jealous of that Tino motherfucker, I just have issues with–”

“Just answer their questions,” Katie cuts him off again. “I wouldn’t mind hearing your favorite memory either.”

“My best memory.”  He pauses in thought for a while. “He used to be a good brother to Juan. He was always after him to do his homework. Always giving me shit for swearing in front of him. He had this idea–” He shakes his head. “Anyway, those were good memories, but they sorta suck now,” he says distantly and then looks up and smiles. “Best memory. Chu winning his first UFC Championship fight. That was awesome. I got to watch it live on television, cause you know I was still locked up for his first fights and didn’t get to see them until later. Watching him win the title live was baller. Best memory. Hands down. I fucking cried over that shit.”

Katie, How are you settling in your new town and new job?

“I like it. A lot,” Katie says with a smile as she turns to look at Marcos. “I love Miami, especially now that the summer is over. The weather is beautiful. The beach is gorgeous. There’s always something going on here. Tía Sofia will have some sort of party or barbeque–”

“Too much,” Marcos interrupts. “You have to stop encouraging her. It’s gotten ten times worse since you moved here.”

“She likes entertaining,” Katie argues. “It makes her happy. I like the parties.”

“Why, so those pendejos can come over and eat all our food?”

“You like them,” She says dismissively as she turns back to Vik and Kris. “He likes them. He’s teaching me how to salsa.”

“She can move,” Marcos assures them, before he squeezes her thigh again. “Your job? They asked about it.”

“Oh, it’s good,” she sounds bright and optimistic. “We have study groups at the shop on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Technically the school doesn’t know about it, since it’s off campus, but I figured since most of the boys work for Marcos we’re just bending the rule instead of breaking it.”

“And it’s not like they’re gonna sell her out,” Marcos adds. “She is spending all her spare time helping them. They have her back at school too. It works out.”

That’s amazing Katie!

OK, fun question… what has been the Best and Worst part for each of you living together?

“The best part.” Marcos says with a devious grin. “Being with Katie. Everything about being with her makes it good.”

“And the worst part?” Katie asks him curiously, just as a knock sounds at the door.

“No fucking privacy.” Marcos leans back on the bed and grabs a pillow. He launches it at the door, hitting the window at the top as he shouts, “Get out, Luis!”

“Rude,” Katie says with a laugh. “He can come in.”

“Later! Go!” He points at the window, then he turns back to Katie and says, “It’s cause there’s women in here. He saw them pull up, I guarantee you.”

Luis walks off.

Aw, well you didn’t have to do that but we are almost done.

Can I ask you a personal question Katie? What is the sexiest thing that came out of his mouth in the bedroom? Also, what is your highest count of orgasms delivered by Marcos? *giggle*

“Something sexy comes out of his mouth every time we’re in the bedroom,” Katie says with a wide smile. “There’s no way I could pick just one.”

“Have you counted the orgasms?” Marcos asks Katie with an arch of an eyebrow. “You’re the teacher. You’re more inclined to count that high.”

“No.” Katie giggles. “But, after I got here, before school started, Marcos closed the shop for three days and um…we just stayed in bed most of the time. There were a lot. We were making up for lost time.”

Speaking of living together, I am quite upset that Kele chose not to tell the story of you settling in after moving to Miami and starting new job? A big event has happened in between, no?

“Getting married, yeah.” Katie nods. “It wasn’t anything fancy. We just did it in the backyard, but it was nice. There were a lot of people. I was still new here and I was shocked at how many people Marcos and Tia Sofia really know.”

“Her father freaked out. I could hear him yelling on the phone from across the room,” Marcos adds in laughter. “He fucking hates me. We waited until four days after to tell him.”

“Well.” Katie shrugs. “He liked Grayson and look at how well that turned out.”

Marcos laughs. “Can’t argue that.”

 “It’ll work out,” Katie sounds confident and then turns back to Vik and Kris. “We’re happy. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about it.

Again thank you so much for doing this. I think the readers and our followers will love getting to hear some of these answers, to tide us all over until Kele will write more on the residents of Garnet and/or Miami.

“Ay Dios mio, she’s writing more books?” Marcos groans. “About who?”

Vik winces. “I heard it was about Chuito.”

“Carajo.” Marcos’s eyes go wide. “She’s gonna write a love story about Chu. Let me know how that works out.”

“It could work out,” Katie argues.

“Sure, chica, you keep believing that.” Marcos laughs and then turns back to Kris and Vik. “I’ll walk you out. Otherwise Luis will be all over you two. Tell Kele Moon to write a book about him. If anyone needs a woman, it’s Luis.”

Just Maybe…  

About Kele Moon
A freckle faced, redhead born and raised in Hawaii, Kele Moon has always been a bit of a sore thumb and has come to enjoy the novelty of it. She thrives off pushing the envelope and finding ways to make the impossible work in her story telling. With a mad passion for romance, she adores the art of falling in love. The only rules she believes in is that, in love there are no rules and true love knows no bounds.
So obsessed is she with the beauty of romance and the novelty of creating it she’s lost in her own wonder world most of the time. Thankfully she married her own dark, handsome, brooding hero who had infinite patience for her airy ways and attempts to keep her grounded. When she leaves her keys in the refrigerator or her cell phone in the oven he’s usually there to save her from herself. The two of them now reside in Florida with their three beautiful children who make their lives both fun and challenging in equal parts–They wouldn’t have it any other way.

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