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Real by Katy Evans (read on 4/10/13)

“Why’d you want to have sex with me? To have a f*cking adventure? What was I supposed to be? Your one-night-f*cking stand? I’m every woman’s adventure, damn you, and I don’t want to be yours. I want to be your f*cking REAL. You get that? If I f*ck you, I want you to belong to me. To be mine. I want you to give yourself to me—not Riptide!” ~Katy Evans, REAL

Remington Riptide Tate is everything that you have heard and more. This is one of those books that came out of nowhere and just blew everyone’s fucking minds and ovaries away! I have no words yet to truly describe the amount of awesome this book is. It was hot, it was heart breaking, it was raw, it was funny, and passionate, it was exactly like the title reads; REAL. I absolutely needed more stars for this book.

I don’t like to give away too much in a review because I feel like you can read this read other reviews check out the blurb and decide for yourself. I can absolutely say without a shadow of a doubt that 9 out of 10 people who love these types of books and this genre will LOVE this book. Remy doesn’t say much but what he does say makes you sit up and pay attention. He’s guarded and raw, and a pure freaking animal in and out of the bedroom. If you want to talk about an Alpha male with a heart of gold this is the guy! He is all man, unapologetic, and REAL about it but Katy Evans found a wonderful balance with him. Brooke is also a wonderful character. I really enjoyed her and all of the supporting characters for that matter. Add in the underground fighting aspect, lots of communication through music and you have a stellar book. The fact that Katy Evans keeps the reader in a state of heightened frenzied arousal for almost 50% of the book before the characters get to the hot stuff is an amazing representation of the talent of this author. You will be pacing the floors and climbing the walls when you get to it but once you do it is so primal and hot that you will not be disappointed. I really cannot say enough about this book. I am so ready for the sequels. This is definitely in my top ten list for this year.

Overall Rating: 5+ Stars 

What I listened to while reading: The two best songs that the characters played for one another were what I found myself listening to… 

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