REVIEW: THE PROMISE by Kristen Ashley

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The Promise5coffeebean
The Promise (The ‘Burg, #5) by Kristen Ashley

Well what can I possibly say about something that I have waited what seemed like forever for… even though it was just 2 ‘short’ years!!!



Although we meet Frankie and Benny in Cal & Vi’s story we only got a short preview of their VERY complicated relationship. A relationship of 2 people who are meant to be together and were ALWAYS meant to be together but life derailed them in typical KA fashion. YEARS of being apart and some major heart break only to end in merging of 2 souls that need to be put together.



I have to admit KA really plays with these 2 characters. On top of 7 years of not being together and not having the PROMISE and beauty of each other their courtship is not easy. Ooooh it’s easy in a way it is so explosive that you don’t know whether to grab your BOB or keep on reading till you come from a crude, naughty, hot fun those two provide. OK BRB… just thinking back on it is getting me randy.



I don’t care if you disagree but no one can write like KA… no one can create a story so deep and thorough in complex emotions and even more complex relationship. Not only that but there is so much knowledge dropped by everyone from the wise nurse to a nosy neighbor. But all of it is always done in such a way that it bleeds into RL and makes you see the beauty and wisdom of those around you (sneaky, sneaky KA).


“God doesn’t care who you let in there, just as long as the feelin’s are honest when you let him in.”


“That’s the reason forgiveness is divine. ’Cause someone wrongs us, we live with that wrong right alongside them, but it’s us who has to find the strength to let them off the hook. If they work for it, ask for it, only you have the power to offer it to them so their soul can be less heavy. And the right thing to do is use that power.”


Reading a KA book is a guaranteed way to get sent to a place of badass alpha heaven with an amazing supporting cast.

Yes, I admit that there is a formula to her writing but I want that… no crave THAT and this is the only author that I know (my go-to-feel-great therapy) I can always pick any book and re-live everything all over again… laughing the same amount, crying the same amount, sympathizing the same amount, wanting to throw my kindle at the wall the same amount… no reading or rereading of KA ever diminishes that feeling.



And it is no different with story of Benny and Frankie… I am looking for my re-read of this book in a near future and re-discovering the journey and The Promise that is Benny and Frankie

PS. Did anybody else get hungry whenever Bianchi pizza was being described? God I hope it wasn’t just me.



“All my life, didn’t have big hopes and dreams. Only one thing I wanted.”

“I…” She swallowed, kept her eyes locked to him, and asked, “What was that, honey?”

“A life that meant I’d have a calendar on my kitchen wall filled in with birthdays and anniversaries and parties and practices and special occasions. All the shit that makes a good life scribbled in the blocks printed on glossy paper hangin’ on a wall.”


Best LOL of the book: 

“… got home, started up here to check on you, heard somethin’ that freaked me out. Thought you were takin’ a chainsaw to my bed. Got in here, saw it was you out and snorin’.”


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  1. Jolene

    I love this review. I love the pictures. I love hearing someone else describe her books, using the perfect words to describe the way that I feel about them.

    • KrisandVik

      Aww Thanks so much Jolene!!! I try to express my love for KA as much as possible… but I think only KA can do that… I wonder if she gives workshops lol

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