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Club Justice by Mara McBain5coffeebean



Club Justice (Trinity Falls, #1) by Mara McBain

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My Zeke Garrett Brawer 

My Ginny Brawer 

❤♡❤20 Years in Happy Biker Land❤♡❤ 

I absolutely loved this crazy right. It is a different kind of romance and biker book that I have previously read for sure.

This story is not about a budding romance but life of a President of a MC for 20 years and 20 years into a marriage with kids. Zeke is a cop in a big city that he commutes from his quite hometown where he is a president of a motorcycle club that he started with his buddies when he came back when he was doing with Marine life. His wife and mother of his children is a tough old lady, but also sexy as hell and loved by all… MC brothers, town people and their “adopted” son Mox. She is seen as aQueen and treated as thus. She is also a fierce lioness who protects her cubs (her 3 sons… even if she did not give birth to one of them) and her husband’s club members and their future and current old ladies. However, things were not always like that… Zeke rescued beat up and broken Ginny from her abusive father and never let her go.

“You are too damn stubborn for your own good. I’m your man. You bring your problems and fears to me, and I take care of them. That is what a man does,” he said, then pushed her back to look down at her. His fingers closed around her chin and forced her to look at him. “You promised to trust me that night you showed up behind The Lantern. Has that changed?”

However this story is dark and at some points very cringe worthy. At one point it is U-G-L-Y. A true nemesis of her husband who has a real hard on to bringing him down with crazy passion doesn’t stop at anything to bring hurt into his life and throwing hurdles and creating cracks in his marriage. 

But Zeke is an even more fiercer papa bear who will protect his family and his club with a motto of Protect, provide, and procreate. 

Absolutely fabulous read… pour some tequila… strap on some leather and enjoy meeting these complex and fun characters that belong to Trinity Falls motorcycle club.


Club Justice (Trinity Falls, #1)

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