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An Indecent Affair Part II by Stephanie Julian3coffeebeans
Read from August 20 to 24, 2014

You know, as I read this series for some insane reason the only song that seems to be stuck in my head is, “I need a hero”. Is that even the name of that song? I’m not sure. Lol. However that’s just what our dear ole Kat has found herself with.Book one, showed exactly that. Kat being saved out of a situation that she couldn’t stand to be in one second longer so they whisked her away to freedom and passion. And well, you know the ending of how all that went if you read it. Book 2 starts off not too long after that ending with Kat somehow a stronger more confident woman and ready to make huge life changes. The night with Tristan and Adam still hits her like a ton of bricks reminding her what an amazing night she had with two overly attentive males, but it’s just that a memory, and one she will cherish for ever.

Of course, Tristan has other plans. He’s waited for Kat for too long now just to let her runaway, but Adam isn’t so sure anymore. Kat has issues, issues that run deep, and he doesn’t want to see his best friend hurt by them.

This book was just as hot as book one. The story didn’t seem to grab me as much as book one, but still an overall book. I’m still head over heals for both guys and they can put me in the middle of their smoking hot selves anytime for sure, lol. Of course, Kat still has to grow on me some. I want to say she’s just closed herself off so much that’s why she’s unlike able, but I’m not 100% convinced yet. All I do know is she’s a lucky lucky girl, and better count her shooting stars and stop fighting it all so hard.

Of course don’t forget, this is a short story series. Lots of cliffies and the end and only about 75-90 pages. But bonus of scorching scenes and two hot hot men. 🙂



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*Review Copy was kindly provided by the Author

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