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After Tuesday

This series has been on my tbr since it came out. I purchased this one and book two during a sale with the determination that I was going to start them soon… It took me having the pleasure to meet and facebook with the author for me to remember to start it ASAP! Then I started seeing teasers for the third book in this series and I knew then that I had to get on this.


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We are introduced to Ruby, an active teenager who is happy to blend in to the background more often than not. She has in a way been conditioned to not trust others, to stay quiet & to herself, and to not let anyone know the shame that she experiences on a regular basis. At the beginning of the book her best friend is Dragon a dog that isn’t really hers but doesn’t know it.

Right before the last week of the summer camp that Ruby works at, she officially meets Brent. He may have not noticed her before but he sure does now that they have come face-to-face.

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Ruby and Brent start to spend a great deal of time together. Ruby is coming out of her shell and even has a best friend in Lexi. But the secrets that she is hiding from everyone will quickly come to light in a way that she cannot control. There will be heart break, sadness, and pain and also a very beautiful love story. This book reminded me about how awesome YA can be. I cannot wait to read the next one.

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Forgotten Yesterday

Where to begin with this one??? Ruby and Brent, make my heart so very happy but they also make it hurt so hard for them. I absolutely love how Renee makes these characters so realistic and when we join them after – After Tuesday, life has gone on. From the opening chapter you know something seriously distressing must have occurred because of where these two are. You also know that their story is far from over. Renee did a wonderful job of weaving in the past and catching us up to where they are now and why. I won’t say much else as I don’t think I can without giving things away. If the joys and struggles that these two have faced don’t grab your heart then you must have a cold-cold soul! I absolutely cannot wait for book 3 although I am going to be so utterly sad to see these two go. This was yet another example of how to do New Adult right!!!
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Deciding Tomorrow

I’m just, I don’t know, where to begin here… This Story? Ruby & Brent? They are just assed out for LOVE!!!!

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This book picks up right where the second one left off. There isn’t a jump in time you are up to date and ready to see how Mrs. Ericson is going to weave these two together again. This is the climax, what we’ve all been waiting for. Do they or don’t they??? They have so many hurtles and obstacles to overcome and at times it does seem as though there is no way that they can make this work. There are still several secrets between them and whether they like it or not people can change a great deal in 5 years. How do you know if the person you fell in love with when you were 18 is still in there. Through the pain and the grief the lies and the trials of life we all change, it’s inevitable.

What doesn’t change? Real love! True and utterly devoted LOVE! Brent stole the entire show in this book. He was so fucking swoontastic I didn’t know how to handle it. If this were a different book, if this were the first book of the series it may have been too much but based off of what these two have been through and the obstacles they have to tackle it was 100% necessary. They needed to put it all out on the line to express the scariest thoughts, look rejection in the eye and do it any way. Ruby was bold and take charge, she was strong as always but when she did break GAH it just hurt my heart so very much.

The love and dedication of these two… Brent’s swoon factor… Ruby’s guts… this is one EPIC LOVE STORY!!! I just can’t even express how much I loved this. To watch this couple go from young adult, new adult, and then most definitely ADULT, was just fantastic. I feel like I’m saying goodbye to old friends. Just amazing! It is going on my most favorite books list for sure.

Quote Love:

“Did you think about me all week?”
“Ruby…” His dimples disappear, and he concentrates on the vehicle in front of us.
“I haven’t stopped thinking about you since that first day I took you on the lake when we were in high school.”

“I just don’t want to hurt you,” he quietly says. “And that’s why I trust that you won’t.”

“I’m going to fix you,” he softly promises in my ear.

“You deserve my time,”
“My undivided attention.”
“And I’m going to give it to you.”

“I want a memory,” I say, pushing my breasts upward toward his mouth. “Send me back with one.”
“I’m going to give you one you’ll never forget.”

“You have my heart, Ruby.” His mouth twitches. “Forever.”

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