ARC Review: Ruin Songs of Corruption Book 2 by C.D. Reiss

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“Please, fuck me good.” “Fuck me hard. Use me like the punk you are.”
“This good, Contessa?” “This how you want it?”
“Capo,” I groaned. “Fuck.”
“Those words,” he whispered.
“Destroy me.”
“You’re ruined, amore. Rovinata.”

Chapter 1 my friends… and what did this tell me??? That C.D. Reiss, did not come here to fuck around. These two pick up right where they left off, explosive and volatile, passionate about each other to the point of degradation and pain. This is the story of a modern day Romeo & Juliet mixed with Bonnie & Clyde. And I loved every moment of it.

“I was neither consigliere nor lawful. Neither husband nor free. And now, I was twisted with that red-haired beauty. I could never resist or deny.”

While Theresa has to a point accepted her fate. She chooses Antonio and she fully understands that this is not a choice to be made lightly or in half measures. She gets him and she loves every part of him. Antonio on the other hand in his protective manner takes great strides in this book to keep the separate roles he plays in tact and to protect her from sides of him he finds more savage and brutal. He wants and professes that he cannot be with out her but is still extremely reticent to accept that she is ready to play his partner in love, life, and crime… ride or die!

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Circumstances cause them to have to evaluate how to be together in the long-term and so a plan is hatched… And that my friends is all I will say about that. I hear one more book is planned for this series and based off the ending of this book, I cannot wait to gorge myself on it when it comes out. CD Reiss is still the Shakespeare of smut to this lady and I HIGHLY, HIGHLY, recommend this book!!!

More Quote Love:

“And what’s your job in all this?” “My job is to fuck you until the neighbors think I’m murdering you.”

“You won’t weep from being hurt. Not from me. You’re going to shed tears from coming so hard you forget who you are. And when you return, you’ll remember you’re mine, and you’ll cry then too.” He pumped me hard, once, and I screamed in surprise. “And you’ll cry again.”

“Respect isn’t treating me like I’m made of sugar. Because I’m not. I’m made of cum and saliva. I’m made of salty sweat, and I taste like fucking. I sound like an orgasm that’s so hard you can’t even scream, and I fuck like a closed fist.”

“He pulled his pants off. God that piece of meat between his legs was a beautiful sight, and when he pulled his shirt off, the shape of his body looked built to fit into mine, every curve and line angled as a calculated match to my desire.”

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