ARC Review: Hard Limit by Meredith Wild

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***Takes A Deep Breath*** I just need a moment to pull together all of my feels on this one.

This was a difficult book to wait for. Usually, by the time you reach book 4 in a series you are not as excited as you were for book 2. In this case because Hard Line (book 3) was so pivotal for Erica and Blake’s relationship, it was really, terribly difficult to wait to see what happens next.

As always, Meredith’s attention to staying true to the characters and balancing what needs to happen in a story to keep that truth and what the readers want to see was impeccable. So many times I was angry and distraught and just feeling so many things while reading this one but when I took a step back I understood why it was happening that way.

I felt like in the previous book Blake and Erica really had to fight for their relationship to define what it was and wasn’t and what it meant and overall beyond the titles and the preconceptions that mostly Erica may have had what means the most to them. In this book the couple still struggles to maintain their footing in those regards but we also see the struggle for Blake to open up and be just a little bit vulnerable for Erica.

Blake is totally used to being closed off not giving an inch and getting away with it. I think in this book he learns the importance of letting himself not only be in control of Erica but to let her be his confidant as well. A major piece that was not complete in their relationship before. No one is perfect and again I like how Meredith did not deviate from Blake’s character. He did not all of a sudden become a gushy let me tell you everything uber sensitive and talkative guy. Erica pushed, and pushed, and pushed at times and at others had to take drastic measures to get him to open up… it was worth it in the end. They both were able to recognize the mistakes they were making. Him in not opening up to her, and she in the way that she went about trying to force him to do so at times.

This book had some super happy moments that all of us avid readers of the Hacker series have been waiting for since book number one. It also has some extremely emotional and heart racing/pounding moments that I cannot say I saw coming. Get your box of tissues handy because you are going to need them not only for the joyful tears but for some “Awwwwwwwwwwwwww shit” tears as well. As always, LOVED it, and I cannot wait to see what happens next.

 photo BlakeHardLimitMoving.gif

“I take it you like when I’m decisive.” “I’m not like most men whose dicks go limp at the sight of a woman who has her own mind.”

 photo EricaBlakeLimit5.jpg

“Are you wet for me, Erica? Because I’m coming in hard.” “Fast and hard. Is that how you want it?”

 photo EricaBlakeLimit4.jpg

“I’m a different person for it, I think. More independent than maybe I would have been.” “I mean, poor Blake can’t pin me down to save his life.”

 photo EricaBlakeLimit.jpg

“What do you want, Erica? Do you want me to fuck you this way, or do you want me to lie down so you can play Dom?”

 photo BlakeHardLimitMoving2.gif

“If you’re anything like your mother, I’m guessing no.” “Are you saying I’m not first lady material?” “No, you’re Madam President material.”

 photo EricaBlakeLimit3.jpg

“You’re in my soul, Erica. I couldn’t hide from you if I tried. Just…” “What?” “Just be careful while you’re in there, okay? You have more control than you think.”

 photo EricaBlakeLimit2.jpg



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