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Oh Bless Me Danu I thought this book would never get here!!!

It feels like it’s been forever since I have been at the Faedom with the beastly Horde King and his kick-ass baby-mama. The wait, as usual, was worth it.

Amelia has delivered another nail-biting adventure in the next chapter of Ryder & Syn’s life as they try to fit into their roles in the Horde Kingdom. It’s not an easy task as they try to win over the other caste systems and battle with evil Mages Cold War style (from Horde Kingdom, the Mages didn’t get that memo).

In the previous book we were left off with Syn getting pregnant…

… by Ryder and his Beast. There was lot of drama there but OH BOY!!! Hold on to your hats because where the rest of the books included lots of action this book took on a new emotional approach. This one was VERY emotional for me and I constantly had to fight tears and not always winning that battle.

If you are familiar with the series and the conflict of the book I am not so pleased to tell you that the Mages get more evil as they acquire a powerful force to aid in their mission. Syn being product of both worlds being born Fae (and then SOME! as is revealed in book 3) and raised as a human witch does the perfect job in this book to bring understanding and unity to the Fae and Humans… or at least start building that bridge. As Fae only think of Humans as food, they are also not so trusting of their own, as Fae norm is back & power grabbing.

“… most castles and powerful dynasties such as this one usually fell from within. It was one of the problems in this world—everyone wanted to rule it.”

Both worlds are going to hell in a hand-basket and once again Syn is thrown through a MAJOR change in her life. A changes that redefines her identity and place in the world. I am pleased that Syn’s character expands more in complexity and where any regular person would cave in she just thrives on the changes and obstacles without losing her heart and sense of justice/right & wrong. Probably because she has sexy as sin Beast man at her side and his deadly men/brothers to support and protect her.

“There’s more to see, and I grow impatient of this eternal hard on,” he growled against my ear when I remained at the water wall. I laughed and turned to look at him. He took my hand and held it against his c 😉 ck, which was very hard and throbbing.

“Pervert, just can’t take you anywhere,” I mocked him, complaining playfully.

Amelia continues with excellent development of secondary characters. At this point we have had enough peaks into personality and quirks of many of them that they need their own books ASAP. ALL of Ryder’s men and brothers have something brewing with them. So if they don’t get their own separate books it would be a shame BUT Amelia is the genius behind the series so I will wait on whatever she will write… at any pace that she can write.

As usual just when I want more of the story it always ends. Don’t worry the book does end in it’s own HEA and resolution, but there is still much to be developed and expanded on as it is a long journey ahead for Ryder & Syn. I see it as a long one because both need to make their world AND human world safe for all children and beings.


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“Synthia, you’re immortal now and time is something you have in abundance. Ristan also suggested we get you some books on mothering, and birthing as well. He also said to give you this,” Darynda whispered wickedly as she glamoured a doll.

“A doll?” I asked confusion stamped on my face. She handed me the small newborn doll which immediately started shrieking with an ear piercing cry the moment I held it. “How the hell do you shut it off?” I shouted over the wailing thing that I held up by its leg.

“Try cuddling with it, Flower,” Ristan said from the door before I turned a horrified look up at him.

“You ass,” I growled as I tried to comfort the doll and failed. I had zero knowledge of how to calm a screaming baby; it wasn’t as if we had child raising classes at the Guild.

“Here, like this,” he said as he sifted to the bed and took hold of the doll. “Gentleness is universal. Even Fae babes love a cuddle to feel secure, smart little things also like breasts.”

I lifted a brow as he swaddled the doll in a blanket he glamoured, and rocked the life like doll in his arms. It instantly stopped crying and made gentle mewling sounds. I groaned. “I’m going to be the worst mother, possibly ever known to Fae and mankind alike.”

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