Books You May Have Missed – February, 20th 2015

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Welcome to Books You May Have Missed…

Kris Here!

Vik and I understand that with all of the new releases, new authors, sales, and freebies that pop up on a daily basis it is almost impossible to manage your to be read (tbr) list and keep up with it all… We hope to bring you on a semi-regular basis a super short list of books that we have either read, or heard a bit of buzz about that you may have missed. All you have to do is click on the title of the book to go to Amazon & get your copy today! 



Raven St. Pierre – Gravity (Free Falling Book 1)

***99 cents at time of posting***

A chance meeting reshapes the lives of two strangers who soon learn that we don’t always choose who we fall in love with; sometimes life chooses for us.
Samantha Kelley thinks she’s got it all figured out until she literally collides with
Anthony “AJ” Hahn one fateful day, forcing her to question whether she’s been
missing something all along…



Secrets (Free Falling Book 2)



Exposed (Free Falling Book 3)


Various Authors – Shades of Passion

***99 cents at time of posting***

10 Book BWWM Interracial Romance Boxed Set! No Cliffhangers and No Incomplete Serials! Special Price for a Limited Time Only!

From cowboys to bikers to sexy artists there is something for everyone in this boxed set! Every title has hit the Amazon Top 100 list of best Multicultural/Interracial Romance books. Don’t miss out on this terrific bargain!

The boxed set includes:
Safe House by Dez Burke
Liberated by Dez Burke
Leather and Lace by Sondra Wells
The Neighbor by Sherice Cook
Trust No Man by Shontel Williams
A Heart at War by Tali Martel
The Christmas Lily by Naomi Lecroy
Stranded by Sondra Wells
The Lure of Temptation by Renee Phillips
Drawn by Jade Johnson


Tali Martel – Heart of the Cowboy

***99 cents at time of posting***

Lila’s assignment was simple…fly to Wyoming, spend two days interviewing the cowboy owner of Triple W Ranch and fly back home to New York City to write the magazine article. What she wasn’t expecting was the immediate sexual attraction and undeniable chemistry with rancher, Jace Millet.

Jace Millet was used to living alone on a big ranch in the middle of Wyoming with only a few workhands to keep him company. When the gorgeous Lila arrived to interview him, his thoughts quickly turned to how he could possibly persuade her to stay forever…


Paige Notaro – Black and White (Storm’s Soldiers MC Series)

I knew that boy was trouble the moment I laid eyes on him: shaved head, leather jacket, tattoos leaking out onto his neck like warpaint.

I’ve just now left behind the storms of my past, and he is no fluffy white cloud to land on.

But one wicked smile from him, and I’m shivering, longing for something I should never want

Maybe just one night. Yeah, one rough night to shake me free.

That’s all this was supposed to be…

The girl had my attention from the moment her dark eyes found mine. She shouldn’t have been my type, not by a long shot. But opportunity presented itself, and I gave in to weakness.

Only one woman ever had my heart and she was ripped from this world not long after giving birth to me. This girl though, she won’t leave my goddamn mind. I can’t keep myself away from her lush embrace.

This goes on, the truth will find us – burn me to the ground. Cause my family and I run with the Storm’s Soldiers – the roughest bunch of white separatists south of the Mason-Dixon.

And this girl’s a lot of things, but she sure ain’t white…

Black and White features sizzling romance, steamy sexual situations and raunchy language. Mature and open-minded audiences only. Book 2 in the series, Grey, is now out.


Grey (Book 2)


Clear (Book 3) 



M. Malone – Blue Collar Billionaires: Tank

I rarely have to go looking for trouble. Trouble usually finds me.

I see the girl first. She’s beautiful and dressed to score in a short black minidress that shows off long, tanned legs. It doesn’t take long for one of the guys in front of the bar to break off from his friends and follow her.

Oh yes. Trouble you miserable bastard, you always find me.

Tank Marshall has anger issues.

Years ago he swore off fighting and he exercises iron control to keep his anger in check. But his mother was just diagnosed with cancer and the deadbeat dad he hasn’t seen in years is back offering an inheritance and a chance at redemption. So he prowls the streets at night, looking for an outlet for the rage. He can’t help his mom but he can help someone. He can protect the innocent.

There’s only one person that keeps him anchored in the midst of the chaos. One person untouched by violence and money and lies. Emma Shaw.

But the one thing that Tank hasn’t learned yet is that when billions are at stake, there’s no such thing as innocent.

Money. Changes. Everything.


– – – EXCERPT – – –

Her breath whooshes out all at once, and then she takes a deep inhale. Her eyes stay on my face. We stand like that for a few minutes, breathing quietly. When the color comes back to her face, I move away.

“I am so sorry. I’ll move it.” I lead her to the bed and she sits, woodenly. I block her view of the nightstand with my body as I retrieve the gun. There’s a gun locker in my closet where I keep my Heckler & Koch and a few of my semi-automatic rifles. I walk into the closet and put the Glock in the case. When I come out, I sit on the edge of the bed.

“Emma? When your parents were killed … you were there, weren’t you?”

Her fingers clench in the blanket and then her head bobs up and down. Yes.

Emotion wells inside me. She’s here, helping me, even though watching violence of any kind has to be traumatizing for her. The scene she witnessed in the alley tonight suddenly takes on new meaning. She waded into that for me.

She’s dealing with things that obviously scare the shit out of her, for me.

“You don’t have to stay. I understand if you want to go home.” Even I’m not selfish enough to make her sleep here if she’s freaked out. Nothing is going to help me at this point but I can help her. I’ll probably be up all night anyway but she needs to sleep. And she needs to feel safe enough to do that.

She turns sad eyes to me. “I’m staying, Tank. I told you I would. I’m not going to leave you.”

(- The USA TODAY Bestselling series -)

Book 1 – One More Day – FREE for a limited time!!
Book 2 – The Things I Do for You
Book 3 – He’s the Man
Book 3.5 – Christmas with The Alexanders
Book 4 – All I Need is You
Book 5 – Say You Will
– – spin-off novel #1 – – TANK
– – spin-off novel #2 – – FINN
– – spin-off novel #3 – – GABE*
– – spin-off novel #4 – – ZACK*
– – spin-off novel #5 – – LUKE*

*preorder available










Michele Kimbrough – Dangerously In Love 

During a sizzling-hot Chicago summer, landscaper and former attorney Hilton “Hill” Parker becomes dangerously involved with the sultry Caitlin Church, whose casual flirtation turns Hill’s world upside down. But Hill has no idea the sea of trouble in which he is about to swim, and that certain events are already set in motion for him to take the dive. He soon learns that Caitlin is more cunning than anyone ever dreamed.

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