Audiobook Review: Making Faces by Amy Harmon

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Making Faces by Amy Harmon is my first read this author in general and I am happy that I read it in audio book format. Rob Shapiro was spectacular in his narration of this book. It was so well written combined with his narration and I could not stop listening to it until it was done. Every moment that I had a chance. The book is a little over 10 hrs in length. It is a fairly quick read.

I absolutely loved this story. It was humorous, and light hearted at times and at other times it was heart wrenching and I found myself crying and unable to go on for a bit. The writing was just amazing. You do not read a book written this well in this way every day. I am definitely an Amy Harmon fan for life just from that alone. The story was well plotted and it had a familiarity to it while being different. If you enjoyed My Girl, Beauty & The Beast, and To Kill A Mockingbird… this will definitely be a home run for you. Get it now if you have not, I’m on to my next read from her and cannot wait to meet her in April of this year! 


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