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Calling All Reviewers for the Bloggerville Association!

In the digital age, the literary world is seeing an explosion of self-published authors emerging into the market. Sadly, the same technologies that assist in a growing marketplace for authors are creating more opportunities for piracy, theft, and questionable behavior. So how do authors determine whom to trust, especially those new to publishing?

A group of  well-known authors, bloggers, reviewers and industry specialists are  forming   an         international association to recognize the  legitimate, honest, highly recommended bloggers/reviewers.
As the industry matures, indie writers in particular deserve to know who adheres to professional standards. 
True B ooklovers are offended by piracy, spoilers,  malicious  comments, bullying, sales of ARCs,    posing as a blogger to acquire free books,  and other ploys. Recommending books is as   important for  readers as it is for authors’  careers and livelihood. Hard working writers do not deserve to be taken advantage of by naïve and unscrupulous people. Nor should authors be deprived of pay for their efforts.  
Piracy is widespread  globally and several experts from our ranks are devoting themselves to this subject, with  the assistance, I might add, of law enforcement, FBI, and Interpol. We  may not be   able to stop hacking and  book theft but we can make it harder for them .
The association will provide a site at RT Book Reviews that lists up-to-date  piracy sites (and instructions on how-to follow up). We will always  remind readers that ordering a free book from an illegal site is tantamount to theft. 
We want to hear from you about becoming part of Bloggerville! Fill out the form  to introduce yourself and we will be in touch. This information is private and will never  be disclosed. You will be contacted directly by mail and phone to verify your location and credentials. We personally look forward to speaking with you.
If you are from the piracy ring in Romania don’t bother replying! The authorities are on to you and others who steal books. 
Any suggestions for the association would be appreciated. Contact Tigris Eden at Authortigriseden@gmail.com with your input. 
 If you cannot meet up with us on Sunday, May 17 in Dallas, there is a “chance” for a Google Hangout presentation for “stay-at-home moms, etc. ” more details on this possibility to follow. 
Booklovers Deserve The Very Best…..
Kathryn Falk
Founder of RT Book Reviews Magazine
and the RT Booklovers Convention

 Apply Here to Join the Bloggerville Association!

Join us for the RT Readers & Writers Roundup!

RT Readers and Writers Roundup
Will you be in Dallas for this year’s RT Book Lovers Convention? If so, make sure to join us for the first RT Readers & Writers Roundup on Sunday, May 17, 2015! Even if you are not coming for the entire convention, we are selling tickets to just the weekend events on our website at www.rtroundup.com

At this event, we will be discussing reviewing/blogging, and identifying the professionals. We will also be discussing the Bloggerville Association and your role in this industry. We hope you can make it! Follow us on our social media accounts for updates and information:

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