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Sage Reese lives for her job. More precisely, she lives for her debonair boss, Parker Andersen. Sage handles everything for Parker, even as she fantasizes about the one thing that isn’t in her job description: him. But when a high-stakes account crosses the line from shady to deadly, a tough cop starts giving Sage the attention she wishes Parker would . . .

Detective Dean Ryker couldn’t be more different from Parker. While Parker wears expensive suits like a second skin and drives a BMW, Ryker’s uniform is leather jackets and jeans . . . and his ride of choice is a Harley. While Parker’s sexiness is a reserved, slow burn, Ryker is completely upfront about what-and who-he’s after. And Sage tops his list.

Now, as Ryker digs deeper into the dark side of Parker’s business, Sage finds herself caught between two men: the one she’s always wanted-and the one who makes her feel wanted like never before . . .



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Vik Review


God help me, I wanted to dip my toe into the fire that burned between us…even if I got burned.

I am a Tiffany Snow virgin… this was my first read by the author and after this I’m going to pick up everything that she has ever published. I very much enjoyed Tiffany’s writing style, fast paced plot and spicy/sassy narrative of the characters… but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Not sure what happened with me when I came across the opportunity to review this book but somehow I forgot to absorb the blurb and got distracted by the amazing cover. Why I’m mentionioning this? Well this book has an element that I’m not quite fond of. I’m not a huge fan of love triangles and by the time I realized what I got myself into and started experiencing some PTSD flashbacks of Thoughtless proportions, it was too late to turn back. By that point the story and the mystery with a huge side of danger factor drew me in and *SPOILER ALERT* I loved every page of this book and so glad that I spaced out when I read the blurb otherwise I never would have picked it this series up and it would have been a shame.

Sage is one lucky girl! Being the IT girl/executive assistant for her sexy, workaholic boss Parker whose bad habit robbed her of her social life by catering to all his work related demands & issues at any given time of the day or week. There is no OFF time for either of them. She is honestly a bit of a pushover with him as she is the ultimate loyal employee and ready to drop anything and anyone for her boss. At certain points she started to exhibit signs of being  a floor mat but as the story progresses she develops a backbone that is well balanced with her loyalty to her job, which very much stems from her adoration and lust for her boss and developing her own voice. Lust that she has curbed well over year being in his employment as it appeared that that adoration was not returned by Parker… or so she thought.

He didn’t say anything else and for just this one brief moment, everything between us was stripped bare. I had nothing to hide behind—no duties or pencil skirt, no French twist or steno pad. I’d do anything for Parker, even make myself incredibly vulnerable to him in the most intimate way, and now he knew it.

Cue a new hottie – the oh so dangerous and hella sexy homicide detective, Ryker. Add drama as Ryker and Parker are old childhood friends but life events has turned them into arch nemesis. Like any best friend/nemesis combo they have couple things in common like bad-assery and their attraction to Sage. And man do these 2 ruffle their feathers to show off who is the bigger cock that is worthy of her.

Sage did have moment of dumb in taking on too much and being a BIT TOO heroic for the situation where all she had to do was turn to her two hunky and protective men who beat at their chest to have her. Even through all of her actions I found her lovable and endearing and at times wanted to be her. She wasn’t a typical eye-roll inducing heroine in both instances of her going between the two men and taking on the dangers that she has no business taking on. I don’t know, everyone has their own threshold when it comes to that behavior from the main heroine and in this case I totally dug Sage. She was loyal & where the two men were too busy being in direct competition with each other, she had her head straight and tried to help out. Don’t get me wrong they tried to keep Sage out of danger but that completion did get the best of them.

“You’re using our working relationship against me,” I said.

“I’m using your body against you,” he corrected. “Let’s make that perfectly clear.” His hand skated underneath the hem of my T-shirt. I sucked in a breath as his fingers drifted over my stomach. “And if that’s what it takes to make you do what I say—to keep you safe—then so be it.”

The book went at a good pace and I didn’t find myself bored at any moment. There is a lots of action and danger at every chapter. There are bad guys… and of OF COURSE they are Russian and shady. This book sort of took on two elements of billionaire/money making world and smooshed it together with cops/investigating crime and made a delicious story combination.
Although it is light on erotica and a little more romance and even more action… and all of that made up the story line that made sense and kept you interested beyond wanting to see some in bed/wall/desk action… Although I welcome that in the next two books. I peaked and the trilogy is all about our happy trio. Don’t know how things will develop but I trust Tiffany to do right by her readers but she has my vote for all 3 of them living happily ever after… that’s just my two cents.

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A native of St. Louis, Missouri, Tiffany Snow earned degrees in Education and History from the University of Missouri-Columbia, before launching a career in Information Technology. After over a decade in IT, she switched careers to what she always dreamed of doing – writing. Tiffany is the author of romantic suspense novels such as the Kathleen Turner Series, which includes No Turning Back, Turn to Me and Turning Point. Since she’s drawn to character-driven books herself, that’s what she loves to write, and the guy always gets his girl. She feeds her love of books with avid reading, yet she manages to spare time and considerable affection for trivia, eighties hair bands, the St. Louis Cardinals, and Elvis. She and her husband have two daughters and one dog.

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