Audiobook Review: The Trylle Triology – Switched -Torn – Ascend by Amanda Hocking

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Kris Review
Kris Review

The Trylle Trilogy by Amanda Hocking has been out for so very long and if you were like me and a little hesitant to give it a try especially because of the cost I highly recommend that you rethink that thought. If you are not into love triangles then Amanda Hocking may not be the author for you. LOL! But if you can handle it and enjoy it, especially when it is done well then you will absolutely love this series. I felt so sorry for Wendy through the first book. She was different than everyone around her, she had the full love and support of her older brother and her aunt however she experienced a betrayal (which we later learn she wasn’t the only one betrayed) at such a young age that you feel it’s a wonder that she has made it to high school and not flipped her shit yet. When she learns the truth about who she is I felt even more sorry for her. The way she was treated and her thoughts and feelings are constantly looked down on and invalidated was really difficult to read at times. I was angry for her. In book one you will lose your shit for Finn. He is just mmm mmm good in this book.

In book 2 the shit doth hit the fan. We learn more and more about the main characters and meet some new ones. Some really HOT ones at that. You’ll find your feelings or thoughts about some of the characters begin to change and shift the more you learn. Which I think is truly a wonderful skill for a story teller to be able to accomplish. It’s easy to tell you why you should think a certain way about a character it is not easy to have your way of thinking shift as you are being led through the story.

Lastly, book 3 was all kinds of epic shit. There is love, sex, war, peace, and hope. I won’t say anymore as I always strive to be a no spoiler reviewer to the best of my ability. Get them, read them, love them!!!!

Especially this guy… whom no I am not going to tell you who he is, once you start reading you will know!


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