Audio Book Review & #GIVEAWAY: GREY by E.L. James

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Grey, is book 4 in the Fifty Shades of Grey Series. Grey is the telling of book one from Christian’s point of view. However, you do need to read the books in order because there are things that are revealed that if you haven’t read the series could be potential spoilers for you should you decide to read the trilogy.

The audio book is narrated by Zachary Webber. I enjoyed the narration overall. It was nice hearing a mans voice for Christian. Especially when he said certain words with emphasis like “fuck”. LOL! At times I did find the voice too “growly” though. I get that at times you want to convey that borderline animalistic characteristic of what is being expressed but it is easy to take it a little too far.

I always wonder if those who say that it wasn’t safe, sane, and consensual have read any of the books. Yes, it is not Shakespeare as I have also admitted many times but there is most definitely a love story here and Christian was more than honest in explaining to Ana what she would be getting herself into. As in book 1, Christian is the one that changes and develops through the story. Instead of him “forcing” his way of life onto Ana he continues to change and break his own rules. Until they reach an impasse.

This book reminded me once again what I liked more about the books than the first movie. Christian and Ana spoke to each other so much more than in the movie. Christian was infuriatingly silent at times in the movie where as he said a great deal more and being able to know the thoughts that went along with what he was saying was fantastic. As I did in book one I enjoyed the other issues that this book touches on… the very easily distinguished abuse that Christian went through being one of them. Hearing the scenes when he was a child and how he was treated was heart breaking. It was also wonderful to hear how genuinely happy his sister made him or how grateful he was to his adoptive parents. Since it is from his point of view like the first book it had moments of humor and a great deal of smoking hot mostly vanilla sex.

Unlike other books that tell you the story from the other main characters perspective this was fresh and interesting and I did not feel like I was just hearing the same thing from the other character. I definitely recommend this one if you are a fan of the series. It will make you want to do a re-read of the entire series. 

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