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Blurb v2
Just when environmental scientist Dr. Emery Bradford’s globe-trotting days seem to be winding down, she heads to Canada to help a sexy, bearded park warden, Julian Michael Jensen, investigate the unnatural wildlife and their deaths in the Algonquin Provincial Park.
The moment Julian and Emery meet, heated fireworks ignite, and keeping on task proves to be challenging as they battle their desire for one another. However, they have an important job to do that requires discretion and focus because what’s hidden in the forest threatens not only the wildlife, but possibly also their very survival, but new obstacles start to present themselves behind every rock and tree.
Can they hold on to their intensely growing attraction for each other while attempting to save Algonquin Provincial Park? Or will running for their lives destroy everything they are fighting for?
Review Vik v2

Oh. My. God. You Guys!!!… Gals? Ladies? Romance lovers? Well, whatever I’m calling on all of you to pick up this hilarious, high paced, nature filled novel.  This story of smart, sassy, confident scientist who falls for a hunky, Viking alpha, Canadian park warden is just what everyone needs to treat their TBR pile to.

The book had me rolling with laughter from the get go with the serendipitous meeting of Emery and Julian. Their chemistry was palpable from the pages from that moment on. It was quite hilarious to see them fighting it and trying to keep things professional as they were traipsing through Canadian wilderness on a most important mission.

What mission do you ask? Well there is an evil conglomerate that is doing something to animals that makes them act weird and eventual death. Who to the rescue? The super smart scientist Emery. Ooooh Emery, it has been a hilariously long while since I have fallen in love with a strong heroine (not counting the dystopian, ya genres… I mean they are all about that) but in a romance setting that has suspense & thriller sub-genre generously sprinkled through the book. I loved how she was so confident and mouthy around Julian, and yet she had that feminine vulnerability that I found endearing and lovable.

Super hunky Julian is all about throwing his life into his job and his only passion, that is until that passion part subtly shifts to his new co-worker. Passion that grows daily. If I didn’t love Emery so much pretty sure I would be plotting to steal him away from her. The best part is the way he got on Emery’s nerves with his constant ribbing. My analysis is that he was slowly working himself under her skin.

“What kind of woman doesn’t like to be called princess?” I asked, striving to keep the teasing going.

Her dark eyes pierced mine. “ A grown-ass one”

Overall the book had some hilarious scenes, it was so well paced that the story transitioned so smoothly from dialogue, to thriller, to complete passion. Kelli did a fantastic job in this new genre and I hope to see more from her. IN FACT! I command it as we got to meet a couple of secondary characters who are just itching to tell their story. That’s right I”m looking at you park warden Nate aka Askeweteau “He Who Watched”-Mississauga-tribe-appointed-legacy and Emery’s bestie Abigail.

Also, there is a favorite line in the book which alone kind of doesn’t make sense but a totally bad-ass moment and a great scene…. happens around 25% into the book

“Fuck Canada!” It was a battle cry she screamed as she plummeted over the edge.

About Author v2
Born and raised in Miami, Kelli Jean traded the tropical heat for the arctic. Now she deals with twenty-four hour daylight in the summer, zero sunlight in the winter, and believes the Northern Lights make up for the mind-boggling amount of ice and snow she has to put up with for seven months out of the year. She’s surrounded by mountains and ocean and sheep, and claims her bizarre sense of humor is what keeps her sane. The insane don’t know they’re insane. Kelli uses her imagination to create worlds she can escape to from the mundane tasks of everyday life, such as washing the damn dishes and vacuuming up Legos off the floor—and don’t get her started on the mad amount of cat hair on the end of the couch. She gave up on that a long time ago. When the household goes to sleep at night, she writes down everything that happened in her head while doing such tedious chores. But she enjoys living in her own head, so that’s pretty cool. Technology terrifies her. She can barely turn on a computer, and was completely shocked when she’d actually written a book on one. To this day, she has no explanation for this baffling mystery. It took her three years to realize she can take screen shots of messages and pictures of bearded, tattooed men with her phone. Now that she’s mastered this task, her phone is slowly dying, and she’s nervous that she’s going to have to buy a new one and it will take her another three years to learn how to use it.

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