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So I Married A Sorcerer

The Embraced Series

By Kerrelyn Sparks

Published by St. Martin’s Paperbacks

**On Sale August 29, 2017**

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From the New York Times bestselling author of the Love at Stake series comes a novel of the Embraced—an epic tale of two star-crossed lovers destined for doom—or desire…

Growing up on the Isle of Moon, Brigitta knew that she was born with the magical powers of the Embraced—even if she did not know how to wield them. But she has finally learned the truth: Brigitta is the lost princess of the kingdom of Tourin. She was sent into hiding as an infant to escape the wrath of her half-brother, the king. And now he knows just where to find her. . .

Rupert is a notorious pirate and sorcerer. He’s spent most of his life plotting revenge on the evil king—and Rupert believes that Brigitta could be the key to finally destroying his enemy. But what begins as a kidnapping of the innocent beauty escalates into something deeper, and more passionate, than either captor or captive could have imagined. Rupert soon vows to protect Brigitta against the king—but will they survive long enough to find their happily-ever-after. . .or does fate have something else in store?

Who knew pirates can be so sexy, especially the ones with revenge plans in mind? Oh, who am I kidding I have fallen in lust with our Embraced Male MC as he delivered this cocky line – “Then you wrap your legs around me and squeeze me tight”. No it’s not what you think it is, although… maybe. As that friend who always makes a sexual innuendo out of the most benign things, Rupert’s quirkiness was a favorite of mine.

This is the second book in Kerrelyn Spark’s The Embraced Series and I think it can be considered a standalone. Although the Embraced “Sisters” of the series are very close  so they appear in each other’s books, Kerrelyn makes sure to spoiler-free catch us up/refresh our mind about the events of the previous book. I do love when authors don’t completely write off the previous characters, as I always want to find out more (and we do in this one). I have not realized how much I have missed Leo and Luciana (How To Tame a Beast in Seven Days) until they popped up. The best part is that the story does move through multiple POVs with our 2 main MCs being front and center.

Rupert and Brigitta’s story I felt moved at a quicker pace than book one in the series. Reason why Kerrelyn’s writing is the best, while there is quick wit and humor there is quite a lot of action happening.

Rupert was born with special powers of controlling and summoning wind (or Embraced as it is known in land of Aerthlan), which makes for a perfect aide to being a pirate. Think of him as Robin Hood of the Sea, I do! He might have other kingdoms hunting for him, after all he is considered an outlaw, but he does have ‘good’ motives behind his actions. Even if some of them are very questionable, such as kidnapping Brigitta off the boat, whilst revealing she is a princess. Surprise… but not really. We as readers have pretty much figured out the real identities behind the convent “sisters”.

As mentioned previously, the story is full of action as we find out more about Rupert and his motives for his profession. Brigitta does play a huge part in the story and thankfully Kerrelyn is not into writing meek little women characters who faint at every turn. Brigitta while having spent most of her life in an all woman convent surely gives as much as she gets when it comes to interacting with handsome pirate after her heart, unknowingly that is.

The ending was certainly full of excitement and set up a great story for the next book. Think Dragons. So if you are having those Game of Thrones withdrawals… GREAT NEWS! you won’t have to wait until 2019, just pick up Eight Simple Rules for Dating a Dragon releasing in Spring of 2018.

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KERRELYN SPARKS is the New York Times bestselling author of the Love at Stake series. Visit her online at

2 responses to “REVIEW: SO I MARRIED A SORCERER by Kerrelyn Sparks

  1. oh lovely review here darling. I just adored this book as well. And yes didn’t this author make pirates sexy? Of course I love me some pirates. And the whole crew were so entertaining. I really love the heroines that this author writes here. Brigitta gives as good as she gets and I just love that. And the world building was fantastic. This book made me laugh so much too. I can’t wait for some dragons because boy was I hooked in the end there.

    • Kris and Vik

      I was never into pirates… until now that is! and yes that ending was CRAZY!!! I’m also super hyped up on GOT so my life is all about dragons. I just can’t wait until March.

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