New Releases You May Have Missed September 2017

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Must Love Jogs by Xavier Neal Book 2 in the Must Love Series




And apparently the most boring person on the planet.

Mable “Abby” Atkins does very little outside of rehearsing, but when a handsome, brown eyed stranger insists they get to know each other better she has a hard time resisting. However, she shouldn’t be riding mechanical bulls or tagging along on his runs, and he shouldn’t be captivated by her cello playing or appreciation for cappuccinos. Most importantly, they shouldn’t be falling in love without even realizing it.

Is there space for fun to permanently reside or will she end up exactly where she started?



And the most boring woman on the planet.


French Kiss by Darcia Cobbler


Spice up your day with this lascivious MMFF romance!

Naughty bonus included.

Newlyweds Stacy and Bryan have made liberal use of the app SleepEasy by renting a spare bedroom to traveling couples to make a little extra cash every month — but when their latest guests Audrey and Xavier seem determined to elicit a more intimate offer Stacy struggles with keeping her secret desires in check, or telling Bryan in the hopes that something spontaneous and passionate blooms between them all…

This book is intended for mature readers only.


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Mister Second Chance by Cherie Love


I left a boy behind.
Now he’s all man.

Drew came from a different world — wealth, privilege, trust fund.
I was just a waitress, doing my best to keep the crab shack afloat.
I kept my head down, my mind focused on business.

Until Drew. I fell for him hard, and he broke my heart.

Now I’ve turned my life around.
I’ve got a restaurant empire, rolling in the cash I never had.
I’m done with romance. Forget about marriage.

But the crab shack is about to be demolished.
We need the best lawyer in town.
Drew F*cking Caldwell.

I hate him.
I still love him.
And he’s about to break everything in my life into a million pieces —
or make me whole again.

Looks like I’m about to find out.


The Hotwife Adventure – A Wife Sharing Romance by Karly Violet


A hotwife’s passion for adultery strengthens her marriage!

When Andrew discovers his wife has been cheating on him, the experienced Private Investigator struggles to comprehend how he missed the signs. Specialising in helping his wealthy clients trap and expose their cheating partners, Andrew kicks himself for missing the obvious telltale changes in Priscilla’s behaviour.

On the night Priscilla confesses her infidelity to him, Andrew becomes intrigued in his sudden attraction to his wife’s adulterous behaviour.

The married couple’s relationship evolves into a new reality as Priscilla offers to help Andrew in his latest case, exposing a cheating millionaire. She uses her seductive charm in a honeytrap, as she intends on trapping the millionaire providing her husband with sufficient evidence for his latest client.

But when Andrew covertly films his wife sharing her body, losing her inhibitions in the arms of another man, he finds their marriage edging past the point of no return………

A sizzling hot 30,000 word romance novella featuring wife-sharing, a private investigator specialising in catching cheating partners and a hotwife intent on sharing her tantalizing body in front of her husband to help strengthen their marriage and further his business!

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Summer of Romance by Naughty Aphrodite


Free With Kindle Unlimited.

Indulge in this collection of 7 steamy reads and let your imagination to transport you into endless summer of lust, desire, and pleasure!

This collection contains following romances:
Never Forgotten
Full Helping
Taming The Billionaire
A Very Sexy Voyage
In Hiding

Comes with a special bonus stories

Intended for adult readers only.


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Bad Boy Likes it Hot by Naughty Aphrodite


Don’t miss out on this box set of 5 bad boy romances!
Free with Kindle Unlimited.

Looking for some steamy fun? Following stories will surely not disappoint you:
Never Forgotten
SEAL Stepbrother
New Beginning
Captivate Me

Special bonus included.

This collection is intended for adult readers.


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Protector by Terri Lane


BWWM Bodyguard Romance

The fashion business is never easy, especially when you have a target on your back, that was why Shelly was grateful for her white knight in shining armor.

Working for someone else was never my dream, but that was the only way for me to pay my student loan after attending the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York. So I moved to Atlanta, took a job at a multimillion dollar fashion house and I gave them all my good ideas, and kept the great ones for myself. That was why it comes as a shock to me when someone tries to kill me to stop me from making more good designs.

My life is in danger and I don’t know who would want me dead.

When my best friend asks me to help him guard his wife’s star designer, I don’t count on it being more than an ordinary job, but this Shelly Duke is no ordinary woman, she is smart, talented, creative and totally oblivious to how sexy she is.

She sees friendship, I see something that could lead to us spending the rest of our lives together.

For a limited time only, this book includes 19 BONUS full-length romance stories from various genres! That’s over 10 hours of reading time for your entertainment

A standalone short story with guaranteed happily-ever-after! This book is filled with mature contents and flaming HOT love scenes, intended for 18+ readers only!


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Naughty Bound by Ami Snow


I can’t turn down the offer even though its wrong..

He is also my billionaire boss

Cleo Walsh is a young, twenty-five-year-old, busty virgin grown up under the roof of a deeply devout Christian couple. She leads a pretty typical, small-town lifestyle. Imagine her surprise when Kane Crawford, an attractive billionaire in his early forties, strolls into the monthly charity drive she organizes for her town. She is taken back by his assertiveness when he asks her to interview for a secretary job. Enchanted by his raw, mysterious exterior and the impressive paying benefits of the position, she finds it hard to turn down, and accepts. What Cleo doesn’t know was that Kane had a hidden, domineering side to him, one she would find herself inexplicably drawn to…

Readers should be 18 and over due to mature situations and language.

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American Stepbrother by Jenna Milford


How can something so good feel so bad?

I thought the summer in America was supposed to be the best time of my life with grand finale being my mother’s wedding, but, all I got when I arrived was an annoying step brother. Adam was a typical “bad boy” obsessed with his motorcycle and nothing else. From the start, we butted heads, going at it like a male beta fish who sees his own reflection.

But, under that toughened exterior, Adam was actually pretty sweet – sweet enough for me to fall for him and I fell hard. His lips were like candy. His body an addiction. I wanted him. I needed him, but I could never have him…

Special bonus included.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This romance is a complete standalone and due to its content is intended for 18+ readers. All characters are adults and all interactions are consensual.


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The Hidden Billionaire by Astrid Lee Donovan


I get everything I want. It’s been that way for a long, long time.

So when my best pal challenges me to hide among the normies and get a regular apartment and a regular job for a month, it sounds like a new kind of adventure. I’m up for the challenge. Did I mention that he put his Lamborghini on the line? I’ll happily be taking that off his hands. Oh, and he thinks he’s getting my boat. Fat chance.

And a girlfriend – I had to get a girlfriend. She couldn’t know who I really was. She would just have to like me for the simple shmuck I’d be playing. Sounds like a piece of cake, really…

But, then I meet Sasha.

She was short, with chocolate-smooth skin and big, innocent eyes. She was wearing a tight black tank top and a pair of cutoff denim shorts, a messenger bag slung across her shoulder, her purple-tinted lips full and pursed. Her hair radiated around her face like a curly halo. And she wasn’t just playing hard to get – she was playing hard to find. But I was going to find her. And I was going to get what I wanted. I always did.

It wasn’t often that a stranger bought me a coffee and struck up a random conversation. There was something different about him right from the start

And not just the way he looked. I mean, I’m attractive, but that guy? He was Adonis-level attractive. Jet-black hair, boyish smile, sky-blue eyes. He looked like he walked right off the set of “Grease”- all perfectly coiffed and beefy.

But he was also kind of weird. And definitely rich – no one could afford their own apartment in Williamsburg without some deep pockets, especially not a fresh transplant. And rich guys always kind of turned me off. So did weird guys, for that matter.

And I’d probably never see him again, anyway. The chances of running into anyone twice in New York City is astronomical, even if you live in the same neighborhood. Hell, even if you live in the same building, it can be years between sightings. So I was content to enjoy my free coffee and bask in the glow of a hot stranger’s attentions.

But it seems he was looking for me.

The way his face lit up when he saw me behind the bar, it was like Christmas in July. But he didn’t seem overeager, keeping up his lazy stroll. With his looks and easy confidence, I could guess that he was used to pulling girls left and right. And was he looking to pull me next? It seemed so…

This eBook contains an almost 40,000-word stand-alone story with no cliffhangers.




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Three Weeks by E.C. Hier


Cafe owner, Olivia, meets and falls in love with Kieran, a fire-haired Irishman.  After three weeks, Kieran is on a new job location thousands of miles away not knowing that Olivia is pregnant with his child.  Will Olivia find security again and will Kieran find what he mistakenly left behind?


Off The Field by Kierra Baxter


A Standalone Short Story with No Cliffhanger!

Emily was in between jobs and just trying to get back on her feet. Leaving a job interview with the New England Calvary, she had been full of hope of joining their first-rate medical team as a physical therapist. For the first time in a long time, she had been optimistic about the future. That’s when star quarterback Adonis Goodman crashed into her life. With his fancy sports car and charismatic smile, Emily was not prepared for the upheaval he caused.

Two seconds, that’s all it took. Not even the length of time to throw a winning touchdown, or block an opponent, and Adonis’ life crashed, literally, into Emily. Pulling a beautiful woman from a burning car is not how he saw his day going. But, here is, trying to get her out before they both bite it.

When he is attracted to her but she can’t stand the site of him, Adonis kicks it up a notch and unleashes his dazzling charm. Will that be enough to penetrate Emily’s tough shell and even tougher heart?

++ 40 Special Bonus Stories INCLUDED! ++
When you download this book, you will also get 40 steamy bonus books ABSOLUTELY FREE!


WARNING: It contains mature language and content, intended for 18+ readers only!

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