REVIEW: MUSE by Nina Auril

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REVIEW: MUSE by Nina Auril

Title: Muse

Author: Nina Auril

Genre: New Adult

Release Date: November 17, 2017

The Artist

Things I should have done:
Kept my dick in my pants.
Stayed away from my adorable little roommate.
Kept my mouth and hands, off of said roommate.
Concentrate on my upcoming exhibition and prove my parents wrong.
That’s what I SHOULD have done, but now everything is a mess and the thing I thought I wanted most in the world has been replaced by an adorable little brunette who refuses to even speak to me. 

The Muse

Things I should not have done:
Get distracted from my goals.
Get close to my cocky roommate and his sexy smirk.
Let his mouth and his hands anywhere near me.
Be seduced from the kind of life I always wanted; quiet, ordered and alone.
That’s what I should NOT have done, but now everything is a mess and the things I thought I wanted most in life has been replaced by a cocky boy who shattered my heart beyond repair.

Muse was a perfect story when I was looking for hilarious, deliciously hot, and sweet book to read. Bonus: it was by a new to me author. I want to say it was the blurb that got me but let’s be honest I am a girl who enjoys a GREAT cover, which this book certainly has in spades.

Coyer/Brant and Abby are the perfect yin/yang. Where Abby is uptight, type A, straight-A student; Brant was a jock, straight up playboy, and a completely talented artist. In romance world, it’s a perfect combination for a couple.

For who Brant project out to the world he was completely opposite to Abby. He showed her who he really was and had potential into becoming in all his attempt to woo her. My man worked soooo hard to win her over and he was completely adorable doing so. He had me ‘awww’-ing and shedding a few tears until the end.

Nina Auril creates a fun book with some hilarious encounters, even better secondary characters, and even more fantastic sexual tension. Please do yourself a favor and grab this gem! Afterall, overly intrusive and ever hungry best friend, Alex, is about to have his HEA in the standalone new release Maniac.

A new secret author duo team up under the pseudonym, Nina Auril. They bonded over their love for ‘maybe’ bad boys, offbeat and colorful females, and a desperate need to stand out from a crowd. Having spent so much time with each other, they finally decided to collaborate and create something amazing to write the kind of stories they want to read. Nina Auril can’t be categorized, and will surprise you at every turn but promise to get your lady bits tingling every time.

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