✔ #NewRelease REVIEW: SAVING THE SCOT by Jennifer Trethewey

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REVIEW: SAVING THE SCOT by Jennifer Trethewey

SAVING THE SCOT by Jennifer Trethewey

Series: The Highlanders of Balforss, Book 4

Publisher: Entangled: Amara

Release Date: March 25th 2019

Genre: Historical Romance

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Louisa Robertson’s father is furious when he finds her acting on stage. Now, she’s being shipped off to America to marry some stranger her father thinks will bring out the “lady” in her. Luckily, Louisa’s maid agrees to switch places with her! Her maid will marry the American and get the wealthy lifestyle she’s always wanted, and Louisa can do whatever she damn well pleases––for the first time in her life.

Highlander Ian Sinclair needs an army commission, and the only way he can get one is to safely deliver the general’s Daughter-from-Hell to her intended in America. Easy, right? It would be if the lady’s companion Louisa didn’t wear breeches and do everything the exact opposite of what he orders. It’ll be a miracle if the sparks flying between Ian and Louisa don’t set the bloody ship afire before they arrive in America.

But just when Louisa thinks her plan is going to give her the acting career she wants and a Highlander to boot…Ian discovers her secret.

Saving the Scot was a fabulous read full of adventure thanks to a very opinionated and unconventional heroine. All Louisa Robertson wanted to be is her own woman and follow her dreams of being an actress. Something that blew up in her face big time once her father, General Sir Thomas Robertson AKA the Tartan Terror, discovered her on the stage. With a nickname like ‘Daughter-from-Hell’ he somehow arranged a marriage for her in America. Great job dad! Assigned to perform this task is poor captain Ian Sinclair, whose only goal was to get a commission from the general to return to the army. Now he is stuck with this responsibility and having heard of his daughter’s reputation made me feel really bad for him.

Louise is a hellfire that has zero intent in going through with the arrangement.  Sure she is stuck on the boat with her maid companion, some serious phobias, a stranded cat, and motley crew of sailors but that will not deter her from her new plans to remain her freedom once they dock in America. Even when her attraction to Ian grows and his to her despite all her unladylike behavior and free spirit the angst does not stop.

This book is full of delightful goof ups that will make you fall in love with Louisa (even when you just want to scream at her for being a brat) and Ian (who is a pure tortured soul).  I swooned and awed throughout the books knowing two people could not be more perfect together, if only they would open up about all the things they are keeping from each other. The story becomes a whirlwind of activities and major drama even when most of it happens on a ship bound. 

I am seriously going to miss those two… and all the characters that were part of their story. 

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