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THE HATE STORY DUET by Mary Catherine Gebhard

Beast: The Beginning (Hate Story #1):


Once upon a time, I thought love was a fairytale. 

I thought selling myself to a mafia boss was noble. So what if they called him the Beast? I grew up in rags, and he would lift me to riches. All I had to do was give him my soul. 

He was punishing. Insatiable. Captivating. Nothing like I expected him to be. Each day my reality blurred, leaving me wondering if I was slave or princess.

The longer I stayed, the more I lost myself to him. Even after every cruelty the Beast visited upon me, I longed for his touch. Even after every savage word he spoke, I begged for his lips. I thought the worst thing he could take was my body. I was too naïve to guard my heart.

Once upon a time, I thought love was a fairytale.

Now I know better than to speak of happily ever afters.

Beast is the first book in the Hate Story duet. About what it means to fall in love with the person who has absolutely destroyed you, it contains disturbing and graphic situations that may be a trigger for some.

Sultan Review (2018)

Beast was a book I was not expecting. You get thrown into this situation that’s intense from the jump. And once you start reading it just gets even crazier! Frankie gives herself to Beast in trade for her father’s massive debt that has gone unpaid. Beast plans to sell her into a sexy traffic ring, but 10 minutes with her and he knows he can’t. There is something about her – magnetic pull, a fire, a hunger. And though Frankie hates to admit it, she feels it too. 

For most of the book Frankie is at war with her body and her head. When she’s around the Beast, he just makes her feel so damn horny. Frankie knows she shouldn’t like him or how good he can make her feel, but she can’t find the will to stop it. Plus, Beast doesn’t really ask nicely, he takes. And soon Frankie is becoming his slave, and she is becoming a big distraction for the Beast. 

This was a new author for me, but I definitely will be to check out more books by her. She’s dark and twisty but in the most delightful way. Now, if you excuse me, I need to go findmy night light, the Beast lurks in the shadows. 


Beauty: The End (Hate Story #2):


Once upon a time, I thought love was a fairytale.

My prince was a Beast with blood on his hands and ice in his veins. My family offered to save me. The only price: leaving the tattered pieces of my heart behind.

Our love was irrational. Cruel. Unforgiving. Nothing like the storybooks said it should be—but it was perfect.

The longer we were apart, the more I lost myself. He was vicious and domineering, but I craved the submission. Together we were destructive, but I was addicted to the devastation. Still, I thought titles mattered. To my family I was princess, and to the Beast I was slave. I was too naïve to understand that even though he’d been my captor, he’d broken the shackles on my soul.

Once upon a time, I thought love meant happily ever after. 

Now I know better.

Beauty is the final book in the Hate Story duet. About what it means to fall in love with the person who has absolutely destroyed you, it contains disturbing and graphic situations that may be a trigger for some.

Sultan Review (2018)

Wow, what a ride I just went on! This story was intense. It was raw, unfiltered, and unapologetic. Beast was who he was, and made gave no f*cks about it! He was the boss, what he said went, and if you didn’t like it or didn’t agree well… then bad things usually happened to you. 

I loved watching Frankie’s and Anteros’ push and pull relationship. It was hard to take at times, and definitely left me feeling exposed and wondering what was wrong with me for wanting these two to be together and rule the underworld together. Like a hot Hades and Persephone, only these two had guns. 

Book one was good and I enjoyed it, but it didn’t hold a candle to book two. Beauty for me was epic. I flew though this book. I LOVED Beauty so hard, oh let me count the ways!! It’s fast paced, edgy, vengeful, bloody, and so damn hot, I didn’t know what to do with myself. Seriously, these two are kinky, dirty, and literally light up the night sky with all their chemistry, and gun fire. I love seeing how Frankie becomes her true self, living her best life with her Beast. And the Beast?!? Oh my God, he was everything. Talk about an amazing anti-hero. I wanna be loved the way Beast loves. It’s so epic! So broken and cruel, yet still beautiful, and a fairytale all their own. 

I highly recommend this book/series, even if book one doesn’t get your attention, Beauty definitely will!! It was insanity, and I loved every bit of it. 


I started writing the moment I could read. My first characters were Wibbley and Squig and I used MS Word and clipart to bring them to life when I was a kid in elementary school. I started seriously thinking about being a writer in High School and I remember the day exactly, because it was such an epiphany. I was always so uncertain. You know how everyone was always asking what you wanted to be when you were older? Well I NEVER could decide.

I wanted to be a marine biologist.

An actor.

A FIRE FIGHTER (thank you Joaquin Phoenix in Ladder 49 for that phase).

One day it hit me—A WRITER. I could do it ALL. Then you couldn’t stop me from writing. I penned my first novel at fifteen (but don’t ask me to show it to you, because it’s like I was in competition to beat the thesaurus).  When I was diagnosed with a chronic illness, writing became even more important, because it became my therapy. When I wrote my characters, suddenly I wasn’t so alone.

These days you can find me daydreaming about where to travel with my husband, singing in my car, or lost in the newest K drama. And planning my next novel, of course

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REVIEW: THE HATE DUET by Mary Catherine Gebhard

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