Review: Worth the Fight

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Worth the Fight
Worth the Fight by Vi Keeland
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When I first saw the blurb for this and that it was an MMA Fighter book I was sold… I’ve read some good ones and I’ve read some bad ones this was a definite 4.25 stars for me because the entire time I was like…

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Nico is Alpha, and possessive, and he bites, growls, and scents and he also says some really genuine and kind things in between and sometimes during his neanderthal moments. I really liked that unlike in some books there was actual description of training and fights in this one. I think it makes it more authentic when the author doesn’t just glance over what is supposed to be a major part of an MMA Fighter book!

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I liked Elle. She did not get on my nerves or have me rolling my eyes at her most of the time. I liked the times where she would steel herself and confront him. I also enjoyed that the conflict did not drag on forever and a day. The main characters both had enough going on with past unresolved issues that they had enough insecurity and demons to battle without too much extra drama being thrown in. It had an epilogue and wrapped up really well. Oh and did I mention it was seriously HOT?!? Because it was! Overall solid read!!!


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