Review: Blind Date Teddy Bear

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Blind Date Teddy Bear
Blind Date Teddy Bear by Mimi Strong
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I…Um…Well…Hmm… This was different. I liked it overall, some of the bear references were a little weird… I see myself as really open minded and into a lot of “different” stuff I guess when it’s outside of a paranormal book and there are no shifters and what not it just was a little weird to refer to a person as a bear because of body hair/size and then asking them to growl. LOL! Maybe that’s what it was, instead of finding it super hot, which I did find a lot of this hot, when it got to that stuff it just made me laugh. Yeah. I guess if they just referred to his growly behaviors and hairiness and size without emphasizing the “bear” thing it wouldn’t have been as funny and flowed a little better, for me personally.

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