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Ruthless by Vanessa Waltz
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was definitely a 4.5 star maybe even 4.7 star read for me. I love reading MC Romances and honestly most of those that are out there are pretty dark. So when I saw the warning I wasn’t sure what to think of it.

Then I started meeting the characters and one in particular by the name of Cain and then I understood fully why the author warns you about this one. This isn’t dark because these guys are in a MC and badass and as shit… This is dark because Cain, your main antihero, is a fucking psychotic antisocial piece of work. For those who are thinking the socialized term for antisocial, that is not what I mean. He has absolutely no empathy or concern for others. He doesn’t understand nor does he want to conform to social norms. He was all about torturing and killing animals as a child, and in his free time as an adult he likes to torture and break people. He has sex to relieve a physical need not because there is any kind of meaning behind it. He does what he wants and the only reason why he hasn’t been arrested or locked away from society is because he was adopted by the current President of the MC. Who told him if he wanted to remain out and able to do as he pleased he couldn’t do things like kill women and children. So this is DARK!!!!


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The heroine in this book has actually done heroine, when we meet her she is going to therapy. She is married and she has kicked her drug habit for the time being. She has a really fucked up past and she is not very likeable. She is a hustler, and a survivor, and when she is found by the MC that she ran from years ago she does what she has to do to avoid being murdered. As the book progresses you do start to route for her and there are a few scenes in particular where I wouldn’t trade being in her position for a million dollars!!!


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Spike is the hero of the story. He found his way to the MC out of need and not having anyone else to turn too. They had his back, and so he feels a huge sense of duty. When he meets Cain’s new old lady Julia he starts to worry about that sense of duty. As time goes on, and Spike starts to learn who the people around him really are he knows something needs to be done.


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When all the shit hits the fan you get one hell of a climax. This book has so many great things in it, and it will stick with you for awhile after you read it. This was done very well!


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