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Take by Ella Frank
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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5+++++++++ Stars for me! I don’t know if they make enough stars to quantify how much I loved this one.

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Everyone knows my love and fondness and my I will read anything she writes and perpetual lady boner for Ella Frank by now. It’s books like this that remind me why that is. It reminds me that I didn’t make up the quality and excellence of her writing in my head. She writes books that jerk at your heart strings and that not only make you hot and bothered but make you FEEL!

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Take is book two in the Temptation Series. In book one Logan and Tate meet and play a vicious game of cat & mouse until they both succumb to the passion and lust between them. Some readers were not exactly happy with all of the sex… yeah, I know, WHAT????… but to each their own. I think if you had the vision in your head of where Ella was going with it all then you most likely did not have that problem. It doesn’t happen every time, or all the time. But most people do fall into lust before falling into love. For me it was a realistic aspect of TRY and I reveled in it. In Take we begin to see these two actually grow and try to develop that passion into something more meaningful.

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There is still tons of smoking hot and inventive sex. There is Logans’ quick witted and hot mouth and even Tate gets in on the snark in this one. There is also a GREAT deal of soul searching, secrets revealed, and you learn about sides of these two unique men that you hadn’t seen previously. I teared up at several moments, I had to fan myself at others, and I had a big goofy smile on my face through a great deal of it. This is excellent!!!!!! EXCELLENT, story telling and I cannot wait for you to read it and love it too!

Quote Love:

“I’m going to suck you and fuck you until you come. Your only job? Don’t make a mess in my car. Keep it right here, in my mouth. Got it?”

“Yes, touch me. Make me brave.”

“He hurt me… He kissed me and touched me like no one else ever had. And when he told me I was special, I believed him.”

“Then why did you leave me?”

“How do people so readily hand over their hearts when I’m absolutely terrified to?”

“I’ve been waiting and wanting, and when I’m finally back inside of you, I’m not gonna leave until I’ve fucked you so hard and long that we can barely move. And we need to be inside for that.”

“Because around you, all I want to do is fall without thought.”

“One night-and soon-I’m going to fuck him just like this. Naked and in front of a mirror, so I can see every goddamn inch of him.”

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