ARC Review: Resist by Missy Johnson

Posted December 12, 2014 by Kris and Vik in Book Love, Home, ♡ Reviews by Kris ❤ / 0 Comments


I gave this one 4.5 beans. It was short but covered a great deal of information surprisingly. I did not feel like I got jipped on content at all. There was a great deal of character and story building in this first book as is to be expected with book number one of a series. We begin with a brief introduction to Jaxon in the Prologue, an intensely hot alpha of a man who is most definitely fucked up. Then we meet Charlotte and her wonderful girlfriends. I must say sometimes I find the girlfriends to be unrealistic and corny but that was not the case in this one. They were funny and added some levity to an otherwise intense book.


When we meet Charlotte she’s down on her luck has just went through a breakup and needs to find a job fast. In comes Jaxon with an outlandish job offer that she cannot believe she is going to consider. Of course she gets the job, and as the story progresses we find out more about Charlotte’s true intentions as well as more about who Jaxon is and what his game is both in the bedroom and in the boardroom…






Lastly, and if you know anything about me… there is stroking in this book! That alone gives it an entire coffee bean in my book!


The story was interesting overall, it draws you in and makes you want more, the writing was great, and I thoroughly enjoyed this one! I highly recommend you get it… it’s also only #99pennies so yeah! I cannot wait to see what happens next!

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