Audiobook Review: Zip, Zero, Zilch by Tammy Falkner

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I absolutely love this series by Tammy Falkner. This was my first audiobook in the series and I enjoyed it. It did have a sort of robotic tone to it but the longer I listened the less I noticed it after some time. Overall I felt the narrator did a great job being that there are so many characters in these stories to voice.

As for the book itself, this is definitely not my favorite Reed Brother Novel. I didn’t dislike it. I truly believe that it is impossible to not feel good when you read about the Reed brothers. I just felt that so much has been done in this series before that this last one somewhat lagged. I did enjoy learning about the new characters that were introduced and I was very happy to finally see Sam get his girl. The sex was hot as always and it was very humorous. I would not suggest this book as a standalone as you will be really lost and for those who love the Reed brothers as much as I do, I definitely would recommend that you pick this one up and fall back in love with this amazing family of HAWT men!

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Zip, Zero, Zilch


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