Audio Book Review: Amber to Ashes (Torn Heart Series Book 1) by Gail McHugh

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Kris Review
Kris Review

Okay folks, bring it in, closer, real close… THIS BOOK IS AWESOME!!! I had not read Gail McHugh before and I did read her Collide series after this and I must say I am so happy I read this first. (I wasn’t really a fan of it.) But this book… Well firstly you must know that you are walking into a triangle of sorts. But it’s not just a regular triangle were you have two guys fighting over one girl and she is going back and forth and annoyingly so like some books I read in the past ***cough***Thoughtless***cough***

In this book you first meet Amber Moretti and find out she has had to say the least a ROUGH life. You know from the start she is not some innocent good girl who you can admire for her sensibility and virginity… but then again if you are on this blog, I assume that’s not the kind of heroine you go for either. Amber is raw and she is on many levels base and moving through life on instinct as she has adapted in order to survive.

We next meet Mr. Ryder Ashcroft & then Mr. Brock Cunningham. These two men will throw you for a loop. You may have completely developed a thought and feeling about who you love and want to calm the vaginal distress that these two induce BUT don’t be so sure… As this story continues as these people start to unravel and secrets are revealed and acts are completed that can never be undone you may find yourself in total opposition to where you were when you began it.

I absolutely loved Arden Hammersmith’s narration. It was strange to me that this took place in Maryland and the characters had Southern accents (written that way, which I am from Virginia and travel to/know a great deal of people born and raised in Maryland and have never heard a Southern accent unless they or an elder in their home was originally from somewhere in the South. We don’t even sound that Southern in VA and we are considered the South) but she executed it flawlessly. She should also if she has not thought about it be a phone sex operator because some of the moans and groans and orgasms she voices will be sure to embarrass the shit out of you if you are listening to this on your headphones in public.

If you choose no other reason to listen to this book do it for Chapter 18 (in Audio it’s listed as Ch 19). If you can make it through that chapter without jumping your significant other and/or breaking a vibrator or two then you my friend deserve an award. There are no words to describe how hot that chapter is, just nothing. I read it back in June and I still go back to listen to that one chapter. MMMM!

And that ending! That mother fucking ending!!! I just… I can’t! It’s the cliffy-est of them all so if you are the type that wants to turn a table over regarding cliff hangers don’t do it to yourself and wait for the rest of the series to come out. I don’t usually have an issue with cliff hangers and even I was pissed all the way off.

Just get it listen to it, read it if you must, but you really should listen and be happy/amazed/angry/horny!!! 


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~~~ Quote Fire ~~~

“…I want the absolute truth from you right now, you need to answer me three questions before I can go on living. My life, and sanity depend on it. How delicious was Ashcroft in bed? Was his cock as monstrous as rumors have it? And can the man eat a mean pussy like he’s about to fry in the electric chair?” 

“If there is such a thing as a beautiful cock… long, and thick, an indescribably perfect engorged pierced head, and veins straining beneath at least 9 rock hard inches of delectable give it to me now male flesh…” 

“I need to taste you, tell me you want me to lick this pussy dry.”

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