Audio Book Review: #Nerd: Hashtag, Book 1 by Cambria Hebert

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Kris Review

#Nerd is Book 1 in the hashtag series. This book is narrated by both a man and a woman which I usually like. However, I felt both performers could have done a better job. At times it was difficult to differentiate when they were speaking as another character or for instance Chandra Skyye would often switch back to speaking like the female character but not change the tone of her voice. It was distracting at times.

As for the story I thought it was awesome. It had some things like predictability at times and the story line is fresh but not necessarily something we haven’t seen or read before so that’s why it only got 4 coffee beans from me. The fact that it was very modern with the hashtags, and that Rimmel was not always predictable, as well as the fact that a huge issue that the reader knows is going to have to be dealt with is addressed and not drawn out too far in its conclusion was really great to see. It definitely has some steam and doesn’t just fade to black so for those who prefer some heat in their read this should do it for you. However, it is not an erotic book so if you are looking for just something to one handed read too you may want to choose another book. The characters had some great banter and the supporting characters helped make the story well rounded. I definitely plan to continue on with the series. 


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