AUDIOBOOK REVIEW: Marriage Games (The Games Duet Book 1) by C.D. Reiss

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Synopsis v2

That s all Adam Steinbeck demands of his wife.
Thirty days in a remote cottage, doing everything he demands. After that, he ll sign her divorce papers and give her their company.
That s how long he has to rediscover the man he once was. The Dominant Master he hid when he fell in love with her five years ago.
She wants their production company badly enough to go to the cottage for a month. Cut off ties to the world and do his bidding. She can submit to him with her body, but her heart will never yield.
She thinks this is his pathetic attempt to repair their marriage.
She’s wrong.”


Kris Review


Marriage Games is the first book in The Games Duet by CD Reiss. In this first installment we meet Adam and Diana, a couple beginning the process of going through a divorce.

We learn through this book that both Diana and Adam have been keeping secrets and hiding parts of themselves from each other. When Adam propositions Diana with a deal… neither of them could have imagined what would occur over the next 30 days. This book has multiple side characters with interesting contributions to the main storyline. It keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering how the past has brought these two to where we meet them now. Prepare yourself for a page turner that will leave you with a serious book hangover at the end.  (No worries though because Separation Games (Book 2) is due January 3rd!!!)

Christine Reiss, The Shakespeare of Smut, does it again by not only delivering a highly erotic read but also a beautifully written story of submission and domination both in and out of the bedroom of the characters inner selves as well as of each other. I listened to this book on Audible and it was narrated by Elena Wolfe and OMFG THAT VOICE: Sebastian York! If you are into audio books then you already know that Sebastian York is one of THE best narrators out there. Elena Wolfe does an excellent job portraying the female characters and I love the way that they are intertwined so that the male and female voice stay constant throughout the narration. If you are a fan of CD Reiss and read her Submission series Adam will totally give you some super hot Jonathan-esque vibes. If you haven’t read her before this is an excellent book to wet your whistle before you dive into the rest of her work. Whether you pick it up in e-book, audio, or paperback form just get it and read it!!! 





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