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Title: Wilder
Author: Frankie Love
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Release Date: January 12, 2017

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The night I meet Stella, everything changes.

Somehow in the course of an evening, this sexy city girl not only gets my mountain man c*ck, but she captures my heart.

I have to have her.

But the next day, it all comes to a crashing halt.


My life isn’t just mine anymore—now I have my brother’s babies to think about.

Our lives were already going in different directions … I have to show her this mountain is the place she belongs.

Darling Reader, 

This story has true love written all over it. It’s dirty, sweet, and WILD(ER) than the last. The cast from TIMBER and BUCKED are back in this novella that was written with you in mind. Treat yourself, sweetie! 

xo, frankie



Babies Bam!

It is a super short novella length story that gets right to the business.. of making babies… lots and lots of babies. So if surprise babies and insta attraction stories are your jam then dive right in!

Stella and Wilder would not even need any matches should they get stranded on an island together to survive, their chemistry alone would set half the island on fire. Stella looking for a chance to make herself shine and Wilder being a good grizzly bear alpha man taking care of those he loves. Their meet is serendipitous but their fate is destined no matter what hurdles are thrown their way. In such a short story they do face a whole lot of! Some moments made me go “aww”… same made me shake my head… but in the end my heart was full of a beautiful HEA ending.
Although the story is standalone the characters from the previous semi-related stories are in the story. I dived right into this WILDER without any other background of previous characters but now I am going to make sure to go back and catch up on some of the awesome secondary characters that I have met… and so should you! But that is my 2 cents…

Frankie Love writes sexy stories about bad boys and mountain men.

❤Get ready to fall in love … you deserve it!❤

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